Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Week 18 2017


The cold snap last week has caused consternation and dismay amongst the wine makers of the region.  Coming at the worst time possible - when the vines have their tiny fledgling bunches of grapes, many chateau have experienced widespread damage to their crops.  The frost came in overnight last week and 'burnt' the tender shoots. Some of the vineyards went to extensive lengths to protect their vines, building small fires at the edge of the fields and some even took to the skies with helicopters to try and disperse the freezing air. Time will tell how well these measures worked, but meanwhile, we cross our fingers for this year's wines.

Another bank holiday next Monday - this one is La Fete de la Victoire, a holiday to celebrate the end of World War II and the French people's freedom. It is the anniversary of when Charles de Gaulle announced the end of World War II in France on May 8, 1945.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time.

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Week 18 

Monday 1 May
Tuesday 2 May
Wednesday 3 May
Thursday 4 May
Friday 5 May

5 May 18h30 : Vernissage for the art exhibition by Frederique Baritaud at the Espace du Vin at the Grande Pineuilh

5 May 19h : Vernissage for and exhibition of work by Thomas Cheronnet and a Jazz Concert in Saint Germain de la Riviere

5 May 19h30 : Piano Recital in the Salle des Dominicains in Saint Emilion

5 - 6 - 7 May : Salon Metiers et Arts at the Chateau de Monbazillac

Saturday 6 May

6 May : Vide Grenier in Castillon

6 May 20h : Entrecote and Frites Maison at the Salle des Fetes in Listrac de Dureze - Live music

6 May 20h : Repas Paella a the Salle des Fetes in Bonneville.

6 - 7 May : Regatta at Lac des Dagueys in Libourne

Sunday 7 May

7 May : Vide Grenier in Pineuilh

7 May : Vide Grenier in St Andre de Cubzac

7 May : Discover wild orchides growing in the countryside with help from the team from the Office de Tourisme du Fronsadais

7 May : Vide Grenier at Le Pizou

Monday 8 May - Jour Ferie

8 May : Omelette a l'aillet (aillet is a cross between garlic and a spring onion)

8 May : Vide Grenier at the Lac d'Espiet

8 May : Marche a la Ferme at Chateau de Bonhoste.  Plenty to do and see at Bonhoste, including an art exhibition by Clara Johnson (see below)

8 May : Vide grenier at Gradignan

8 May : Vide Grenier in Pessac sur Dordogne

Coming up...

And finally... 

Talented artist Clara Johnson has her work on display at Bonhoste on Monday

"The paintings which are big and bold, depict the landscapes of St Vincent de Pertignas and Naujan et Postiac. Features which for me characterise the beautiful Entre Deux Mers countryside are all explored in my work; winding lanes, deep cut ditches, steep embankments, lopsided wooden electricity poles and of course the seasonal colours of the vines.

A keen brocanteur, I am also exhibiting some smaller still life paintings of objects found in local 'vide greniers'. Like the landscapes, I use big brush strokes and bright colours to capture the charm of old objects in contrast with the rich tones of fruits and vegetables.

You can look at photos of some of my paintings now on instagram. My address is"

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