Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Week 49 2017


Not often you get a sight like this in your village, the 19 Confreries of Castillon gathered together and paraded through the streets last Saturday!

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Click on the link to see them in action in Castillon.  Following a Masse they marched through the village for an apero at the Salle Culturel.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, wrap up warm - it's going to be cold!

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Week 49

Monday 27 November

Tuesday 28 November

Wednesday 29 November

Thursday 30 November

Friday 1 December

1 & 2 December : Marche de Noel in Bournel

1, 2 & 3 December : Foire aux Vinsat Univitus at Les Leves at Thoumeyragues

Saturday 2 December

2 December : The Old School Foire de Noel in St Colomb de Lauzan

2 December 15h30 : Chants de Noel en Choral at the church in Ste Terre

2 December : Les Brocopuces at le Charrette Blue near the roundabout below Velines

2 - 12 December : Showroom de Noel at Chateau Jean Blanc in St Pay d'Armens

2 - 17 December : Marche Noel at Chateau Font Vidal in Juillac

Sunday 3 December

3 December : Vide grenier with a visit from Pere Noel in Genissac

3 December : Vide Grenier in Monsegur

3 December : Marche a la Ferme at Chateau Courtade-Dubuc in Camblas et Maynac

3 December : Christmas Fair in Pessac sur Dordogne 

3 December : Marche de Noel at Domaine de Ferrant in Esclottes

3 December : Marche de Noel in Libourne at the Ecole de Garderose

3 December Marche de Noel in Le Fleix

3 December : Weekly Flea market in Rauzan. We had lunch there last week at the new eatery! €10 secures you soup, starter buffet, plat de jour, cheese and dessert!  Pay in advance and after that help

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And finally...

Stir up Sunday last Sunday, and my Christmas cake is made and in the pantry maturing.

Click for the recipe

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  1. Thanks, Helen - I love your newsletter! Reminds me indeed of so much happening here that we would have missed! Hope you're well.