Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Week 24 2015


Wow! What a wonderful week of sunny weather.  If you like al fresco dining and live music, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Plage at Castillon next to the stone bridge has re-opened for the summer.  With weekly Thursday evening concerts and Sunday afternoon dancing there’s something for all music lovers.  It’s open now until the end of August, every day from 9h30. Go to the webpage to find out the programme of groups. http://s440478692.siteweb-initial.fr/

But the event not to miss this weekend is in Libourne where they Fete le Vin in the newly renovated Police Academy.  See http://www.libournefetelevin.fr/ for full details.
Whatever you do in the Dordogne and Gironde regions, have a great week.

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Week 24 2015

Throughout the month of June there is a photo exhibition at l’Union de Producteurs de Saint-Emilion featuring photographs by Florent Pacaud.  The exhibition entitled Un Hiver a St Emilion (A Winter in St Emilion)  might be just the tonic if it’s all getting too warm for you!

Monday 8 June

Tuesday 9 June

Wednesday 10 June

Thursday 11 June

11 juin, 20h30 : Château Haut-Sarpe
          Philippe Cassard, piano, David Grimal, violon, 
          Anne Gastinel, violoncelle
          Chausson , Schubert 
Site web : www.grandesheuresdesaintemilion.fr

Friday 12 June

12 – 13 – 14 June : Libourne Fete le Vin.  Held at the old Police Academy (ESOG) in Libourne, there will be a long weekend of events and activities around wine and food to a backdrop of live Jazz music. Tastings, photo exhibitions, masterclasses, food demonstrations, gastronomic dishes to eat, architectural tours and even tea ceremonies.  I had no idea there was so much… To see the full programme and listen to some of the music go to http://www.libournefetelevin.fr/

Saturday 13 June

13 June : Vide grenier and flea market at St Etienne de Lisse

13 June : Festival du Bien Vivre in Pellegrue.

13 June 18h30 : Une Balade a la Fraiche.  Take a walk in the vines with L’association Bons Vivants in Pomerol.

13 June 18h : Jimmy’s Hall is showing in VO at La Breche in Ste Foy la Grande.
1932. Jimmy Gralton is back home in the Irish countryside after ten years of forced exile in the USA. His widowed mother Alice is happy, Jimmy's friends are happy, all the young people who enjoy dancing and singing are happy. Which is not the case of Father Sheridan, the local priest, nor of the village squire, nor of Dennis O'Keefe, the chief of the fascists. The reason is simple: Jimmy is a socialist activist. So when the "intruder" reopens the village hall, thus enabling the villagers to gather to sing, dance, paint, study or box, they take a dim view of the whole thing. People who think and unite are difficult to manipulate, aren't they? From that moment on they will use every means possible to get rid of Jimmy and his "dangerous" hall. Starring Barry Ward, Francis Magee and Aileen Henry

13 June 19h30 : The Sardinade at Belves de Castillon.  A great fun evening in the village – don’t forget to make a reservation and to take your knives/forks/plates and glasses.

Sunday 14 June

14 June : Brocante at Civrac sur Dordogne

14 June : Vide Grenier in Pellegrue

14 June : Vide Grenier at Guitres

14 June : Brocante at Monbazillac

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I didn't know about this, but it might be interesting... Every Saturday at the Maison du vin in Castillon they do a tasting.

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