Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Week 34 2016

Wow! We saw the Battle in all its glorious night time splendor!  A great show, the lighting effects are super and the performances were excellent.  It really is a great re-make of the classic.  Elements of the previous show remain and a new take on the story doesn't disappoint.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's not too late... 2 performances remain for this weekend.  Many thanks to CD for her great photos.

For those of you who have already been, there's plenty of other things to do in the Dordogne and Gironde regions this week.  Have a great time.

Best wishes,

Week 34

Monday 15 August

Tuesday 16 August

16 August : Final night market in Castillon-la-Bataille

16 August : St Emilion night market

16 August : Eymet night market

16 August : Monteton night market

Wednesday 17 August

17 August : Monsegur night market

17 August : Blasimon night market, featuring Kevin Rouzier 

Thursday 18 August

18 August 19h : Les Jeudis Aperos in Montagne St Emilion.  Free on reservation : 05 57 74 60 13

18 August : Canoe trip on the Dordogne, starting from St Antoine de Breuilh.  For more information call 05 53 73 26 89

18 August : Night market in Ste Foy with Swing music.

Friday 19 August

19 August : The Battle of Castillon show, for more details  http://www.batailledecastillon.com/index_en.html

19 August : Pellegrue night market with Michael the accordionist.

19 August : Night market in Villefranch du Lonchat

19 August : Night market in Flaujagues

19 August 20h : Live music at the Jardin Public in Ste Foy la Grande, this week we have Esquive performing

Saturday 20 August

20 August : Marche Nocturne in Lugaignac

20 August : The Battle of Castillon show, for more details  http://www.batailledecastillon.com/index_en.html

20 - 21 August :  All things auto... motorbikes, cars and trucks at the Rassemblement in Moulon.

20 - 21 August : yet more things automobile, vintage and luxury cars on show in Montpon-Menesterol

20 - 21 August : Ponchapt Fete du Pain.  Marche gourmande on Saturday evening and vide grenier on Sunday

20 - 21 - 22 August : Blasimon Fete local

20 - 28 August : Franco British Week - see below for more details. www.cepf.fr

Sunday 21 August

21 August : Castillon Fete locale, lots going on along by the riverside including a vide grenier, throughout the day and a marche gourmande in the evening.

21 August : Vide grenier in Eynesse

21 August : Vide grenier in Ponchapt

21 August : Vide grenier in Montpon-Menesterol

21 August : Brocante in Genissac

21 August : Chateau Franc La Fleur hosts les Dejeuners Creatures d'Accords.

21 August 18-21h : Cours de Batchata Avec Eric Klein danse de "Dominique Républicaine" at Chateau Latour Segur in Lussac

Coming up...

20 - 28 August: Franco-British Week

Watch this space for updates over the week.

Starting this Saturday the Franco-British Week, now in its 11th year, in Pays Foyen, is unique in France in 
bringing together the French and British communities in a wide range of 
activities, from culture to sport, from visits to language, from wine, food 
and song to language and a whole lot more.  In this post BREXIT period 
the FBW takes on a whole new dimension in consolidating our mutual 
The full programme is available in many shops and enterprises throughout Pays 
Foyen, or can be downloaded from the web site  www.cept.fr  and follow FBW 
and tele charge the programme.  In extremis e-mail  ronald.marsh@wanadoo.fr  
for information. BUT BE QUICK as many events need reservations!!

A teaser of what you can enjoy during the next few days and more to follow next week.

Saturday 20th August, the opening day. Place Jean Jaures, the Barnum FBW, 
with the chance to win an air flight for 2 around Pays Foyen and to enjoy a 
“London black cab” taxi ride. 12h30 formal opening in front of the Mairie.  
The opening of the art expo at18h00 and a fun BBQ – Karaoke at 20h00 at 
La Petite Auberge, Margueron, reservations 0557 49 17 13

Sunday 21st.  A 5.5 kms ramble starting from the Porte Ste Foy petanque 
club finishing at midday with a grand picnic for all including the ramblers at the 
club.  The afternoon will see an international petanque  match between 2 British teams and Porte Ste Foy plus petanque for all.

Monday 22nd.  From 08h30 till 13h00, pleasure flights from Ste Foy la Grande.  Reservations essential.  06 19 13 43 26.  From 16h00 till 20h00 the proprietor of 
Le Moulin de Moustelat at Pessac, invites you to visit the mill, enjoy his wines, 
a country dinner at the mill followed by a theatre entertainment, in English and 
French “So French!”  Costs and reservations 05 57 47 46 77

Tuesday 23rd.  River trips, for times and reservations 05 57 46 03 00.  
Franco/English conversation 15h00 to 17h00 at SucreeSalle, 
reservations 06 19 13 43 26 and a cinema evening at La Breche from 
18h00 for aperitif, followed by the film “Mister Holmes” in English 
and dinner on the terrace. Costs and reservations 06 19 13 43 26.  
The night finishes with Festi’Flamb, a theatrical tour through the bastide 
of Ste. Foy la Grande in the company of Nomd’La Troupe.

Watch this space for the rest of next week’s programme.


And finally...

I turned the corner... and there it was, the centre of the village was transformed... Villefranche de Lonchat in fete!

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