Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Week 32 2016


So, what's the difference between a brocante, a vide grenier, a marche de puce and a vide placard/chambre/maison?  I'm not really sure any more!  In theory, a brocante should be more of an antiques and collectables sale, a vide grenier is an attic clearance and a marche de puce is a flea market.  Vide placard/chambre/maison/garage/cave.... is a chance to empty anything and everything from wherever.  Oh yes, and don't forget a Foire au Tout!  That really is everything and anything goes!

Whichever it is, I love a good rummage and you never know when you'll find that something that you never knew you really needed!  There's a good one on in Gensac this weekend... so, see you there!

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a lovely time.

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Week 32 2016

Monday 1 August

Tuesday 2 August 

2 August : Castillon Criterium

Night markets:
2 August : Castillon-la-Bataille
2 August : St Emilion
2 August : Eymet
2 August : Monteton

2 August : Stella Koumba sings at the Chateau de Duras

2 August : Gironde Chamber Orchestra in concert at the Halle in Pellegrue

Wednesday 3 August

3 August : Night market in Monsegur

3 August : Night market featuring Carpe Diem in Blasimon

3 August 21h : Concert with the Thalea String Quartet in the church at Coubeyrac

Thursday 4 August

4 August 18h : Jazz and Bandas in Berticot

4 August : Aperitif Musical by the Gironde Chamber Orchestra in the Vieille Halle in Gensac

4 August : Marche Noctourne in Ste Foy la Grande with live music from Melting Pot

4 August : Battle of Castillon

4 August : Night market in Duras

4 August : Night market in Eymet

4 August 20h30 : Cyrillique in Concert in the church at Castillon.  A Russian soloist group (that can't be correct!)

4 August 20h30 : Duo Palissandre in Concert in the church at Saint Martin de Nerigean.

4 - 6 August : Libourne Fest'Art.  Throughout the town there's performances, dance, street art and theatre.  Find out more here

4 - 15 August : Interance medieval in the Dropt Valley. Find out more here.

Friday 5 August

5 August 19h : Rock/Blues concert and rose wine!  What could be more delicious?  Chateau La Fleur Picon

5 August : Soiree Moules Frites and Rock & Roll at La Melee in Flaujagues.

5 August : Marche Nocturne at St Michel de Montagne

5 August : Night market in Villefranch de Lonchat

5 August : Battle of Castillon

5 August 21h : Jazz on the Quais de Port-Ste-Foy

5 August 20h : Calicot Jazz experience at the Jardin Public in Ste Foy.

Saturday 6 August

6 August  : Concert Promenade.  Walk between the churches of Ste Terre, St Jean de Blaignac, Jugazan and St Aubin de Branne to hear the Gironde Chamber Orchestra

6 August 15h : Concourse de Petanque de l'Ase.  Fancy your chances in a match?

6 August :  Marche gourmand at St Meard de Gurcon

6 August : Battle of Castillon

6 August : Marche Nocturne in Targon

6 August 22h : Osmad and I-Ray Reggae in the Gensake

6 - 7 August : Branne en Fete

6 - 7 August : Issigeac Antique and Brocante Fair.

Sunday 7 August

7 August : Brocante Vide grenier in Branne

7 August : Brocante in Gensac

7 August : Vide grenier de l'ete in Le Fleix

7 August : Vide grenier and flea market in Monpon Menesterol

7 August : Fete locale in Saint Avit de Soulege

7 August 10h - 14h: Marche  Bio in Targon - all things organic

7 August : Marche a la Ferme at Le Moulin de Mouselat in Pessac

7 August 12h : Mechoui in Pessac.

7 August : The Grande Concert by the Gironde Chamber Orchestra in Gensac

7 August 18h - 21h : Dancing in the chateau at Chateau Latour Segur.  This one is a Zumba night.

Coming up...

And finally...

The annual Criterium in Castillon was held on Tuesday.  Perhaps not so many big names this year as they have all headed over to Rio.  Nevertheless it was won by Gallopin and Miss France was there to present awards!

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