Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Week 42 2016


Great fun at the Brocante in Rauzan at the weekend.  The sun shone and there's was much to see.  I even saw some more of those strange ceramic pipes!  Did you guess?  They're old conduits for channeling electric cables through the walls of the house.  No longer in use, apparently all ceramic fittings for electricity are now illegal (that goes for light switches too).

We picked up a few items, and I got more animal knife rests. Still not sure what the beast on the right is!

The balloon festival takes off in St Emilion this weekend.  I had a great view last year, head up to the top of the village for the best views.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time.
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Week 42

Monday 10 October

Tuesday 11 October

Wednesday 12 October

Thursday 13 October

Friday 14 October

14 - 16 October : Les Montgolfiades de St Emilion. Hot air balloons take off in St Emilion at dawn and late afternoon from Friday through to Sunday.  To find out more click here.

Saturday 15 October

15 October 17h : It's all about The Great Gatsby.  A Chareleston and Quickstep demonstration,
followed by dinner, then the Great Gatsby on screen at Cinema Eden in Monsegur

15 October 19h30 : Dinner and a concert at Chez Pepito in Les Leves-et-Thoumeyragues

15 October 20h : Michael Vigneau and his accordion in concert in Pineuilh for a Poule au Pot in Pineuilh. For reservations call 06 21 21 1 69 / 06 22 58 37 98

15 October 20h45 : Mozaic Jazz Band perform at the Foyer in St Laurent des Hommes.  Entrance €5

Sunday 16 October

16 October : Semi Marathon in St Emilion.  Leaves from Montangne.

16 October : Brocante Vide Greniers in Lussac

16 October : Vide Grenier in Coutras

16 October : Vide grenier at Saint Quentin du Baron

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And finally...

If you have ever  wondered what a Confrerie is all about, have a look at this little film, where Elizabeth explains all about her association with the Confrerie in Sigoules.

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