Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Week 43 2016


You probably know that I'm mad keen about hot air balloons, so this weekend was a treat with the Balloon festival in St Emilion.

On Friday the balloons floated over Castillon and dropped down to check the water...

Wonderful images.

If you know of events or activities and want to share them on the Newsletter, please don't hesitate to send them to me.

What ever you do in the Dordogne and Gironde regions this week, have a great time.
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Week 43

Monday 17 October

Tuesday 18 October

Wednesday 19 October

19 October : MacMillan Coffee Morning at Restaurant Nostalgair in Levignc de Guyenne


19 October : Tea Party at the Cafe Riche in Place Gambette Bergerac in aid of the SPA

Thursday 20 October

Friday 21 October

21 October 18h - 20h : Vernissage for the Art exhibition from 3 - 31 October in the Office du
Tourisme du Riberacois, Riberac

Saturday 22 October

22 October 19h30 : A FrancoGerman evening at the Salle des Fete in Eynesse.

22 October 21h : Nadau in concert in La Reole.  Tickets €18

22 October : Samedis de Cabara.  Find out more about Indian Forts, architecture, history and culture
from a Fortification specialist.  Free entry

22 - 23 October : Fete du Vin Nouveau de la Brocante.  New wines and old antiques.  Go for a browse and a taste in the Rue Notre Dame in Bordeaux

22 - 23 October : Portes Ouvertes at Terre Safran. Discover more about this valuable spice grown here in the Gironde.

Sunday 23 October

23 October : Les Puces de la Bastide in Ste Foy la Grande.

23 October : Vide Grenier at the Stade Langois in Langon

23 October 16h : Concert in Gensac Church.  Free entrance.

Coming up...


And finally...

Lost (as usual!) due to a blocked road I found myself crossing the Ligne de Demarcation near Montpeyroux, so I stopped to take a closer look. History on our doorstep.

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