Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Week 32 2017

For the curious amongst you, the sculptures/statues featured last week can be found behind the chateau at the top of the hill in Pujols.

This week, out and about I saw these beautiful flowers in the square at Villefranche de Lonchat.  I haven't been yet, but I hear there's a great night market there on a Friday.

Whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne region this week, have a great time.
Best wishes,
PS : I have a feeling I've forgotten something for this weekend - please let me know if you have something that you want to add, or if you know what I've forgotten...😉

Week 32 2017

Monday 7 August

Tuesday 8 August

8 August : POP UP Shop in Duras is open from today until 21st August.

Come and meet Artist Paul De Ath and Jeweller Jacky Hamilton. My favourite potter Jo McKinnon's work will be there too. 

8 August : Night markets in St Emilion, Castillon la Bataille and Eymet

Wednesday 9 August

9 August : Night markets in Blasimon and Lamonzie St Martin

9 August 20h30 : Soirees quiz at Domaine de Dame Bertrande, Saint Aster de Duras

Thursday 10 August

10 August : Night markets in Ste Foy la Grande and Eymet

10 August 20h30 : Trumpet Concert at the church in Saint Quentin de Caplong.  Tickets €25

10 August : Battle of Castillon.  It's not too late to book your tickets here

10 August : Chateau de Vayres welcomes you for the evening to discover the17th century.  Reservations necessary.

Friday 11 August

11 August : Night markets in Sauveterre, Mouliets et Villemartin, Ste Foy la Grande and Villefranche de Lonchat - look out for the beautiful flowers in the sky here!

11 August : Battle of Castillon.  It's not too late to book your tickets here

11 - 12 - 13 August : Le Chemin des Memories at Bazas.  Bazas celebrates2500 years of history with a weekend of events including a night time show. Find out more here.

Saturday 12 August

12 August : Big Ed and the Red Balls in concert at Les Martinades in St Martin de Gurson

12 August : Battle of Castillon.  It's not too late to book your tickets here

12 August : Soiree Moules Frites at Pineuilh.

12 August : Marche gourmande nocturne at Saint Martin de Gurcon

12 - 13 August : Medieval weekend in Eymet. Find the full programme and further details here.

12 - 13 - 14 August : Grezillac en Fete

Sunday 13 August

13 August : Duras Fete son Vin all day and into the night, including hot air balloons!

13 August : Vide grenier at Pellegrue

13 August : Château Champion looks forward to welcoming lots of visitors in its third medieval themed farmers market  which will take place on Sunday 13 August from 10am until 6pm. Visitors can find local products from the Gironde region associated to the label Bienvenue à la Ferme but also other stallholders or local craftesman such as a jeweler, painter and cooper. 
The presence of a troubador and witches will take you back to the Middle Ages with their songs, ballads, riddles and medieval dances. 
Foodies will enjoy the farm lunch that will be served at the market as well as various tastings of sheep cheeses, veal, chocolate, patisseries, honey, honey crêpes and wines from the estate.
Find it here
13 August 10h - 15h: Marche gourmande in Soumensac

Coming up...

14 August : Jazz, Soal and Funk in Sainte Foy la Grande.

15 August is a national holiday for L'assomption - beware that shops may well be closed.

And finally...

The Franco British week is coming up 19 - 26 August, see the full programme here

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