Thursday, 17 May 2018

Week 20 2018

There are hidden potatoes too!

I took delivery of our first organic vegetable box this week from a small producer in Flaujagues.  We pay €15 for the box, full of fresh veggies grown just down the road.  Marion has been tending her plot for a couple of years and as a plus, she speaks beautiful English!

If your temped to give it a go too, call her - 06 88 81 94 82.
We had a tester box first, to see how it went, and the box size is perfect for us both and we get another one every 2 weeks.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and the Dordogne regions, have a great time.
Best wishes,

Week 20 2018

Monday 14 May

Tuesday 15 May

Wednesday 16 May

16 May - 12 June : Photography exhibition in the Salon du The, Chez Albert in Bergerac - Vernissage
on 18 May

Thursday 17 May

Friday 18 May

18 May 15h45 : Discover more about the importance of bees at the conference in Libourne.

18 May 19h : Canoeing and tapas in Ste Antoine de Breuilh

18 May : Fete de la Pentecote in Gensac.  A fun time in the village over the Pentecost weekend.  Fireworks on the Sunday night!

Saturday 19 May

19 May 10h, 14h & 16h30: The Plants in the pavements,  Discover what's growing and where in Castillon

19 May : Soap box darby in Vayres!  Looks like fun!  I can't go, but if you do, can you take some photos and send them to me please!

19 May 17h30 : Samedis de Gensac (& Cabara) See the flyer for all the details

19 May : Soiree Occitane in Libourne at Le Point Bar

19 May : Dinner and a show at the Salle des Fetes in Libourne.

19 May : Choeur du Sud perform at the Salle Raymond Bonnot in St Serin sur l'Isle

19 - 20 May : Car and Motorbike weekend - exhibitions, parts, food and procession in Bonzac

19 - 20 May : Journees Europeennes des Moulons.  Follow the link to find a Mill to visit near you

Sunday 20 May

20 May : Vide grenier in Cursan

20 May : Brocante in Fronsac

20 May : Vide grenier in Libourne near the Leclerc

20 May : Vide grenier in Pineuilh

20 May : Brocante vide grenier in Porcheres as well as a visit to a Moulin

20 May : Vide grenier in St Philippe du Seignal

20 May : The village of St Florence are proposing a Vintage bike ride. 2 circuits (30 or 60km) through the countryside followed by a meal.There's a prize for the best costume and an exhibition of old bikes and cars.

20 May : Organic Farmer's market held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Chateau des Rochers in Belves de Castillon.  I hear they sell great organic wines too!

20 - 21 May : Foire aux Vins at the Salle Municipal in Saint Antoine de Breuilh

Coming up...

21 May : Jour ferie - Le lundi de Pentecôte

21 May : Vide grenier in Castillon - Rue Jean Monnet / Rue du College

And finally... another holiday on 21 May...

Pentecost Monday, or Whit Monday, is the day after Pentecost. Many Christians believe that on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus Christ's disciples. Pentecost Monday was a public holiday in France until 2005 and again from 2008. The holiday was reintroduced after about 15,000 elderly people died in a heatwave in the summer of 2003. The French government made a commitment to financially support the elderly and people with disabilities by deciding that Pentecost Monday would no longer be a public holiday from 2005 onwards.
The public holiday was replaced with the Day of Solidarity. On this day people worked for no pay. Their wages were collected to assist the elderly and persons with disabilities. However, there were demonstrations and Pentecost Monday became a public holiday again in 2008. The French government introduced other fiscal measures to raise money to support the elderly and persons with disabilities.  See more about Pentecote in France here

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