Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Week 22 2018


The fabulous festival of food continues in Bordeaux - the Epicuriales - what's not to like?

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions,  have a great time.

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Week 22

25 May - 9 June  Les Epicuriales in Bordeaux.  Find out more here

Monday 28 May
Tuesday 29 May
Wednesday 30 May
Thursday 31 May
Friday 1 June

1 June : UTLiB Conference on the Latin Poet Ovide.

1 June : Dinner and Concert at the Grande Cafe in Libourne

1 June 19h30 : Big Ed and the Red Balls in concert in Menesplet

1- 2 - 3 June : As Part of the Weekend of Rendez-Vous au Jardins Domaine de Franc opens it's doors with a weekend of events and activities.  Find out who and where and when here

1- 2 - 3 June : If you like Morue, (salt cod) or want to find out more, head over to Begles.  See more information here

Saturday 2 June

2 June : Vide grenier in Libourne at the ecole de l'Epinette

2 June : Fete du Village in Duras

2 June : Lamothe Montravel proposes a day of activities, followed by a Marche gourmande and concert

2 June : Puisseguin celebrates wines.

2 June 14h - 18h : Visit Loubes Bernac and the Dame o fleurs.

2 June 14h - 18h : Exhibition of vintage cars in Fronsac.

2 June : Marche Nocturne in St Jean de Blaignac

2 June 17h : An evening of music at the Place des Marroniers in Montagne

2 June : Repas de Chasse at Saint Avit de Soulege

2 June 21h30 : Les Bandas in Pineuilh, music, food and fireworks at the Place de la Mairie

2 - 3 June : As Part of the Weekend of Rendez-Vous au Jardins visit a Medieval garden in La Sauve Majeure

2 - 3 June : Festival Enfance de l'Art in Esclottes

2 - 3 June : Bordeaux Food Truck festival, spanning the weekend and spread over 5 sites at varous chateux, there will be plenty of activities, and much to eat!  Find out more here including venues and activities

2 - 3 June : Everyone's favourite accordionist is back - Mika V (formerly Mickael Vigneau) is back in town

Sunday 3 June

3 June : Vide grenier in Libourne

3 June : Brocante, vide grenier in Menesplet

3 June : Vide grenier in Ste Radagonde

3 June : Vide grenier in La Sauve

3 June : Vide grenier in Saint Phillipe d'Aguille

3 June : Foire a tout in Montcaret

3 June : Portes Ouvertes at Chateau Ferrasse, Castillon

3 June : Chateau de Pitray in Gardigan hosts a walk/run and a marche gourmande.

3 June: A day in the open air at Izon

3 June 11h : Inauguration of the Gabare in Montravel (I think!)  Might be Porte Ste Foy?  Anybody know more?

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