Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Week 23 018


If you look very carefully at the fields of vines right now you can see the tiny little grape flowers.

Will 2018 be a great year? Of course it will!

Whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great week.
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Week 23

Monday 4 June

4 - 16 June : a huge programme of activities hosted by the Communaute de Communes de Grande Saint-Emilionais.  See the full programme here 

Tuesday 5 June

5 - 30 June : Exhibition at the Espace Tourisme et Vins in Pineuilh. Vernissage on Friday at 18h30

Wednesday 6 June

6 June : International Day for discovering caves - visit the Grotte Celestine - children Free.

Thursday 7 June

7 - 24 June : Tennis Tournament in Pineuilh

Friday 8 June

Saturday 9 June

9 June : Vide Grenier at the school in Castillon.

9 June : Broacante in Libourne at the Place de la Mairie

9 June : Jazz trail in Lamonzie Montastruc

9 June 14h : La Randonnee Henri IV in Coutras

9 June : Fete de Clairet at the Cave de Genissac

9 June 19h : A musical evening in Porte Ste Foy

9 June 19h30 : Theatre productio of 'Knock' in the Salle des Fetes in Cabara

9 June : Soiree Moules Frites / Mussels and chips in St Avit St Nazaire

 9 June 20h30 : Dance Show at the Centre Culturel in Castillon

9 June 20h30 : The Gensac Church spotlights the life and works of Mozart

9 - 10 June : Weekend of activities in Pellegrue


9 - 10 June :  A weekend of rambling in Fronsadais

9 - 10 June : Sadirac Pottery festival.  I'll be looking not showing!

9 - 17 June : Venez Vivre la Dolce Vita in Libourne

Sunday 10 June

10 June : Vide Grenier in Bergerac

10 June : Vide grenier in St Emilion at Parc Guadet

10 June : Brocante Vide grenier at St Pey d'Armens

10 June : Vide grenier in Cabara

10 June : Vide Grenier in Civrac sur Dordogne

10 June : Fete du Cheval and Brocante in Ste Terre.  See them playing Horse ball, a cross between polo and netball, and hand ball...

10 June : Fête de la cerise, vide-greniers, marché des producteurs à Escoussans - hope they have some cherries - this year has been atrocious!

10 June : 13eme Recreation Gourmande - a walking tasting tour in Rauzan

10 June : Cross Country walking and Biking starting in Castillon at the camping on the waterfront
Coming up...

And finally...

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  1. This sounds very cool, when come back from the hotels dolomites , i do it also !