Thursday, 14 June 2018

Week 24 2018

St Jean be Blaignac
It’s June and the Marche Nocturne (Night Market) season is starting.  But what is a Night Market?  It’s certainly nothing like a farmer’s market.  Think of it as an open air food hall with added entertainment.  There are long communal benches in the centre and all around local food producers, restaurateurs and caterers have stands selling their produce – it’s like street food I guess, but with the added comfort of somewhere to sit.
How does it work?  You choose what you’d like to eat, buy it from the stand and take it back to the table to eat and share.  So, you can buy your bread from the baker, your wine from a local vineyard and choose whatever else you like the look of, perhaps a plate of charcuterie, a duck breast cooked on the wood from old vines, moules frites or an omelette with cepes.  You just never know what you might find…

Whenever we go, we like to be a little prepared, so, we have a ‘Night Market Kit’!  In my basket I have sharp knives and forks.  The cutlery provided can often be plastic, which can make a steak hard work… I also add wine glasses, a bottle of water and serviettes.  We have a tablecloth too, just for fun – and once I saw a group with a candelabra! 
There’s a page on the newsletter, specifically for the night markets – it’s an easily updated work in progress, so if your village or town is having a night market, or you’d like to recommend one, please let me know and I can include it.
Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time.
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Week 24 2018

Monday 11 June
Tuesday 12 June
Wednesday 13 June
Thursday 14 June

14 June 19h30 : The Swing Guitar Trio in Concert at the Belvedere

Friday 15 June

15 -16 - 17 June the 3eme Grand Salon des Metiers d'Art in Rauzan

15 June 18h - 21h : Grand Apero on the Waterfront in Flaujagues (see more info below)

15 June 19h30 : Session #2 at Chateau La Fleur Picon , DJ, beers, wines and food - free entry

15 June 20h : Live music in Rauzan

15 - 16 - 17 June : Vernissage for the Photo Exhibition 'Sensationnel' at the Vieux Couvert, 6bis rue de la Temple in Gensac on Friday at 18h, exhibition runs through the weekend.

Saturday 16 June

16 June : vide grenier in Puisseguin

16 - 17 June : The Festival du Mouton ivre - it's all about the wool and the sheep, visit Gensac and discover the wonderful crafts and craftspeople who work with wool, felting, knoitting, spinning and weaving. Food and drink too.  The Romanie Dandies (they're good fun!) perform on Saturday night.

16 - 17 June : Notre Petit Maison, dance show in Castillon

16 - 17 June : Fete Locale in Petiti Palais et Cornemps

16 June 17h30 : Caribbean concert in Sauveterre at the Salle Sione Veil

16 June : Saint Phlippe du Seignal in fete!

16 June : Marche Gourmande at St Quentin de Caplong

16 June : From 16 June the inflatables are up and available on lac du Cadie in Mouliets.

16 - 17 June : Journees de l'Archeologie in Duras

Sunday 17 June

17 June : Vide greniers in Libourne

17 June : Vide Grenier in Minzac

17 June : Vide grenier and vintage cars and tractors (perfect place to take your Dad for Father's day!) in Eynesse

17 June : Vide grenier in Petit Palais et Cornemps

17 June : 104 en Fete at the Salle Clarisse Brian in Ste Foy la Grande

17 June 10h- 14h : Marche Bio at Chateau des Rochers in Belves de Castillon

Coming up...

And finally...

The people living in and around the banks of the Dordogne at Flaujagues invite you to join them at a Grand Potluck Aperitif. This fledgling association 'La Flaujagaise' welcomes all and is all about promoting and sharing the good life in the village and the surrounding areas.  They hope to move forward with events such as a Fete de la Riviere, a cine-club and much more.  Go along on Friday evening and find out more!  Everyone welcome, not just if you live in Flaujagues.  Seems to me a great way to get to know people in the area.

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