Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Week 38 2016


Castillon is still sporting the Battle colours and was full of life on Monday.  Produce in all shapes and sizes.  There's not many places you can buy rabbit as fresh as this!
As local Farmer's markets go, I think Castillon's carries the traditions well.

Talking of Traditions, this weekend is the Journees and Nuit du Patrimoine (Heritage days and nights) where monuments throughout France are open to the public for free, and there is always a magnificent music and firework show in St Emilion.  Make your way to the centre of the village and you will have a treat of a free display starting at around 22h.

Whatever you do this week, keep dry and have a great time in the Gironde and Dordogne regions.

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Week 38

Monday 12 September

12 September  - 2 October : Go and try your hand at Golf.  Chateau de Vigiers invites you to give it a

Tuesday 13 September
13 September 20h30 : Les Grandes Heures de Saint Emilion holds a concert at Chateau Angelus. For reservations for this and other concerts coming up go here

Wednesday 14 September

Thursday 15 September

Friday 16 September

16 September 21h : Open Air Cinema in Castillon showing La Famille Belier at Place Marcel Jouanno.  Take your own chairs!


Saturday 17 September

17 September : 17h30 Free Show featuring Zou and Percussions Corporelles.  Music made without instruments - just with body parts in Naujan et Postiac

17 - 18 September : Les Journees du Patrimoine! Heritage Weekend.  Plenty to do in the region celebrating the local heritage.  Here's some events, but most villages have something going on, and most historic buildings and monuments will be open to the public. 

Sunday 18 September

18 September : 18th Brocante Vide Grenier in Baron

18 September : Brocante vide grenier in Sauveterre

18 September : Vide Grenier in Libourne

18 September : La Gerbebaude des Cremants at the Cave de St Pay de Castets.  A Gerbebaude is the celebration for the end of a wine harvest.

Coming up...

And finally...

Spotted in a friend's garden - a one day flower... and not one, but two! My lucky day!

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