Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Week 39 2016


The fireworks in St Emilion for the annual Nuit du Patrimoine were just super!  Perhaps it's better to be a little way out of the village and watch the whole show from the vineyards?

I've been asked about the Macmillan Coffee Morning by a few people and I'm looking to support a local one.  If you know of someone who is running one this year, please let me know so that we can follow in the great cause against cancer and support those in need.

The sun continues to shine, whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great week!

Best wishes,

Week 39

Monday 19 September

Tuesday 20 September

Wednesday 21 September

Thursday 22 September

22 -23 - 24 - 25 September : Painting and Sculpture Exhibition in Civrac Sur Dordogne (mind the new traffic calming measures on the road in to the village from Castillon!)

Friday 23 September

23 September 21h : Watch Untouchables at the Salle Cascante in Castillon

23 September 20h30 : La Grande Voix Russe  - Valery Orlov in concert at Eglise Saint Jean in Libourne

Saturday 24 September

24 September 9h30 - 15h : The Great Phoenix Book Fair - Campsegret 24140 in the Salle Municipale

A message from the Book Team:
We're hoping to see you once again.
There will be again more than 20.000 books for sale, all from one euro. The Phoenix Catering team is also ready to spoil you with lots of home-made goodies.
The categories (military)History, Cookery, Gardening, Sewing and Crime are very well stocked. The fiction is, as usual sorted in alphabetical order to make your search easier. The dvds and cds are also categorised. We will also be introducing our new Phoenix Christmas Cards and will have more than 1000 other greeting cards for all occasions!
So come and stock up for the winter!!
For the bakers amongst you - we'd love you to bake something for the day that we can sell, scones, cakes, loaves, quiches, tarts, samosas, muffins or cupcakes - everything is welcome. Please let us know if possible if you'll help and what you'll be making. There'll be someone at the main cash desk to meet you. Thank you!!
Tombola - any useful but unwanted gifts would be very welcome for our Tombola. Also large or small fluffy animals.
Thank you and see you there!
For further information please contact Christine by emailing:

24 September 17h30 : Samedis de Gensac et de Cabara.  This September conference theme : Synagogues, eglises et mosques dans l'Espagne des trois religions.

24 September 18h : Mozaic Jazz Band at Aubeterre in the Place de l'Eglise Monolithe

24 September : Concert at Le Gensake in Gensas featuring Paola Vera's Triosophy

24 - 25 September : Artisan's D'Art in a range of venues throughout St Emilion

Sunday 25 September

25 September : Vide grenier des Ecoles at Cantenac

25 September : Brocante Vide Grenier at Montpon Menesterol

25 September : Vide Grenier at Moulon/ Gueyrosse

25 September : Vide grenier & Marche artisanal at Saint Aubin de Branne

25 September : Blasimon School of Music Open Day.

25 September : Vide grenier, Marche des Puces at La Sauve

25 September : Les Puces de la Bastide at Ste Foy la Grande

25 September 15h30 : Organ concert by Uriel Valadeau at the Collegiate Church, St Emilion

Coming up...

And finally...

You don't know what you'll see when you head into St Emilion in the early morning!

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