Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Week 13 2018


The Easter Fair is coming to town!  Every Easter Castillon is turned into one giant funfair.  From the stone bridge over the river right on up to the train station at the top of the village and spreading out into the square opposite Weldom there are rides, games and stalls.  There are rides for the fearless that swing you round and round, hook a duck and push penny (or centimes), for a more gentle entertainment and my favourite of all...the delicious nougat from Maison Segonzac - you'll find their stand right in the centre at the end of Rue Victor Hugo.

Have a Happy Easter weekend in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, wrap up warm and keep dry.

Best wishes,

Week 13 2018

Monday 26 March

Tuesday 27 March

Wednesday 28 March

28th March, 21h00 : Salle Francois Mitterrand, Villereal
For nearly 30 years the Leeds University Big Band has toured Dordogne giving  great concerts in different locations throughout the region.  If you are a lover of jazz and swing and you haven't heard the LUBB, then you have missed some great music.  The Band is made up of current students at the Leeds Conservatoire of Music and muscians from other faculties of the University.  This is a band of the highest quality and is worth the effort of travelling to hear them.

Thursday 29 March

Friday 30 March

30 March 15h45 : UTLIB Conference 'Les Passions de Colette' at the Salle du Verdet, Libourne

30 March 20h30 : Concert in Libourne under the covered market.

30 March - 2 April : Foire de Paques in Castillon.  And the normal Monday morning market too!  Be warned, the stone bridge will probably be closed for the day, so unless you are a HGV, use the metal bridge.

Saturday 31 March

31 March 10h30 : Marble your own goose eggs, create cards, and enjoy a Champagne lunch.  Contact

31 March 16h : Le vilain petit canard (the ugly duckling) is being performed by the talented puppeteer Matthais Kuchta in the Mediatheque in Branne.

31 March 11h : Easter egg hunt at Fronsac.
31 March : Music Festival in Ste Foy la Grande, in the Salle Clarisse Brian.  6 free concerts, all kinds of music.

31 March 19h : La Big Jam in the Salle Simone Veil in Sauveterre.  Entertainment by the Music School - Musiques en Bastide.

31 March : Soiree Entrecote in Montcaret.

31 March - 2 April : Easter Egg Hunts at the beautiful Chateau Bridoire.

Sunday 1 April

1 April : Vide Grenier in Frontenac

1 April 11h30: Easter Egg hunt at the Parc l'Epinette in Libourne

1 April : Easter Egg hunts in Duras.  You should check the times beforehand.

Coming up...

And finally...

So excited!  My pottery is out there to buy in the Maison des Artisans in Sauveterre.  The Association brings together crafts people to offer both an opportunity to sell, but also to share their knowledge. They offer regular courses, coming up (7 April) is an introduction to felt making, with the processes from wool to felt. The courses are open to all.

The shop is just off the square in Sauveterre, beside the Mairie - open Tuesday to Saturday 10h - 12h30 and 14h30 - 19h.  We all have to take a turn manning the shop, so pop in, you might just find me there!

Other beautiful crafts in the shop include a leather worker - fabulous belts, purses and handbags, a glass blower - delicate jewellery made from glass, hand made and all natural beauty products, lotions, balms and soaps, a calabashiste - making original lamps and sculptures from calabashes, a weaver making scarves, wraps and items of clothing, and organic and locally made teas and tisanes.

I'll take more photos and keep you posted on the courses.  Pop in and say hello if you're passing.  It would be lovely to see you.


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