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Week 14 2018

This weekend celebrates the Journees Europeennes des Metiers d'art.  A weekend promoting traditional and modern artistic professionals.  Throughout France and Europe artisans are opening the doors of their workshops or gathering together to share and showcase their trades.

In Izon at the Salle de Fetes there will be 18 artisans with workshops for children and adults.  In Sainte Croix du Mont there will be 29 artisans situated in the Chateau de Tastes.  To find out more about who and where, see below and follow the links.

Sainte Croix du Mont
The European Days of Artistic Professions allow to discover the artistic professions, in immersion at the professional’s houses, in training centers for artistic professions or through original events.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions - have a great time.
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Week 14

Monday 2 April

Tuesday 3 April

3 - 7 April : Foire aux Vins de Printemps at Villefranch de Longchat  at the Cave des Deux Vignobles.

Wednesday 4 April

4 - 16 April : Les Buissonnieres en Sud Gironde. A programme of free concerts for the younger generation, set to coincide with the school holidays.  Performances for and by the pupils in South Gironde.

Thursday 5 April

5 April : Quiz night at the Gensake in Gensac.  

5 - 6 - 7 April : Friperie (Thrift shop) in Ste Foy, 14 rue Jean-Louis Faure, run by the Lions Club.

Friday 6 April

6 April : Le Grand Cafe in Libourne hosts their monthly dinner concert,  This month the Pop Folk Due Karelle perform.  Reservations recommended.

6 April 20h30 : 'C'est Quoi le Bonheur Pour Vous?' - 7 billion points of view on the question of happiness screened at the Mediatheque in Gensac.

6 - 7 April : Live music, horses, theatre, jazz, circus acts... discover more in Les Leves et Thoumeyragues.  Organised by the Poney Club de Ste Foy la Grande, find out more here.

6 - 7  April : Printemps des Vins de Blaye. 90 Winemakers gather together inside the Citadelle in Blaye to celebrate their wines.  Find out who and where here.

6 - 7 - 8 April : 38th Grande Brocante in Rauzan.  Entrance €2.50.  You never know what you might find!

Who and where at Saint Croix du Mont

6 - 7 - 8 April : Saint Croix du Mont hosts a 3 day weekend of Artisans as part of the Journees Europeennes des Metiers d'art.

Saturday 7 April

7 April : Brocante Vide Greniers at Le Fagnard, rue le Fagnard, Coutras

7 April : La Brocapuces de la Charrette Bleue by the roundabout below Velines.

7 April : Learn to make items from Felt.  Discover ways to make the felt then turn it into a beautiful object at Les Ateliages in Sauveterre. Find out more here.

7 April : If you look out over the Dordogne river between Porte Saint Foy and Castillon this afternoon you should see a flotilla of oarsmen rowing down the river.

7 April 20h30 : 19#22 in concert at the Cedrus Complex beside the station in Castillon.

7 April 20h30 : The Mozaic Jazz Band perform free in Coutras Le Sully.

7 April : Trio Pause Chansons are live in Saint Philippe du Seignal at the Foyer Polyvalente.  Entrance €14

7 April : Soiree Jazz at the Salle des Fetes inSt Medard de Guizieres. Entrance €10, call to reserve 07 87 54 06 90

7 - 8 April : Support Terres des Enfants in the Salle Aragon in Port-Sainte Foy

7 - 8 April : Vide Armoire at the Salle des Fetes in Ste Colombe de Duras.

7 - 8 April : Izon hosts a weekend of Artisans as part of the Journees Europeennes des Metiers d'art. 
Find out more here

Sunday 8 April

8 April : Vide Tout in Branne

8 April : Vide Grenier in Espiet

8 April :Vide Grenier Brocante in Saint Medard de Guizieres at the Plaine du Gua

8 April : Vide Grenier in St Meard de Gurcon

8 April : Plant Market, swap plants, buy plants, children's activities and a vide grenier in Port Sainte Foy.

8 April 12h : Repas de Chasse at Saint Andre et Appelles.

8 April 12h30 : Repas Esturgeon in Ste Magne de Castillon - don't think there's caviar.

Coming up...

And finally...

So, SNCF are striking. 
France's rail network has been severely disrupted, as a wave of strikes against President Emmanuel Macron's labour reforms gets under way.
The start of the strike has been dubbed "Black Tuesday", but the action will spread over three months, affecting two days in every five.
Read more about the story from the BBC here and see the dates for the strikes below.

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