Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Week 17 2018

Maybe I'm obsessed with blossoms... they've been a long time coming!  But I'm rather proud of this year's show!

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time.

Best wishes,

Week 17
20 April - 8 May : Brocante des Quinconces in Bordeaux

Monday 23 April

Tuesday 24 April

Wednesday 25 April

Thursday 26 April

Friday 27 April

27 April 18h30: Concert du Vivre Ensemble at the Centre Culturel in Castillon-la Bataille

27 April 20h30 : La Mer Entre Nous - concert in the Salle des Fetes in St Seurin de Prats

27 April 21h : discover more about La Sauve Majeure

Saturday 28 April

28 April : Foire aux fleurs et aux miels - flowers and honey in the central square in Libourne (Place Abel Surchamp)

28 April 19h : Piano recital at the vieux Couvert in Gensac, featuring Steffi Kopfler.  All welcome.

20 April 20h : repas de Chasse at the Salle des Fetes in Saint Seurin de Prats

28 April 20h30 : Cicidance Bal in St Medard de Guizieres

28 - 29 April : Bourse au Vetements in Gardonne

28 - 29 April : Celebrate all things asparagus, as well as discover great local foods and wines in Blaye this weekend - worth a trip!  Find out more here

28 - 19 April : Fete de la Lampoire in Ste Terre - the Lampoire Capital!

28 - 30 April : Green Festival in St Emilion

28 April - 1 May : St Emilion Portes Ouvertes.  Find out who, where and when here

28 April - 13 May : 20th Salon de Printemps in La Reole

Sunday 29 April

29 April : Brocante Vide Grenier in Menesplet

29 April : Brocante, vide grenier in Sauveterre.

29 April : Vide grenier and Flower festival in La Sauve

29 April : Vide grenier in the Lac d'Espiet

29 April 10h30 : Historical visit to the Pellegrue Bastide

29 April - 27 May : Issigeac exhibition

Coming up...
1 May : Vide grenier in Frontenac

1 May : Vide Grenier and Fete des fleures in La Reole

1 May : : Vide grenier, brocante and foire aux fleurs in Pellegrue

1 May: Vide grenier des Printemps in Saint Seurin sur L'Isles

And finally...

Looking for a natural beauty product?  Ferme aux Fleurs grow and make their own organic products in Romagne.  They carry a great range of tisanes and herbal infusians as well as making their own all natural beauty products including lotions and balms. Each one with its own specific porpose.  Try the No mosquito spritz or the coffee grounds exfoliating soap. They even make a tiger balm from plant extracts.

Available permanently in the Maison des Artisans in Sauveterre, or at the weekly markets in Creon (Wednesday), Cadillac (Saturday) or Pessac (Sunday)

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