Monday, 16 April 2012

Week 16 2012

4 fluffy chicks


A busy day yesterday with a trip to the Vide Grenier in Le Pizou followed by a visit to the Chicken Fair in Gensac.  We didn’t get any chickens this time, but our friends did – they went home with 11 fluffy chicks.  I’m holding out for Easter Egg Hens (they lay multi-coloured eggs).

Browsing at Le Pizou
Also this week, our much loved, but somewhat unreliable grandfather clock struck 60 before I managed to stop it!  We ended up at the clock shop in Montcaret run by a charming gentleman, who also happens to be the pilot of the Gabare at St Terre.  You can find out more about the clock shop L’Atelier du Temps by clicking the link on the right, and you can see the Gabare details and timetable on the April page.

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Week 16 2012

All week Libourne is celebrating Portes Ouvertes in their Chateaux. See below for details of where and when.

Monday 16 April

Tuesday 17 April

17 April : Stages Cheval / Poney Organisés par les Ecuries de la Luzernière
Découverte du poney, initiation à l'équitation, jeux équestres et balade en forêt
1ère semaine : mardi 17, jeudi 19 et vendredi 20 avril 2012
2ème semaine : mardi 24, jeudi 26 et vendredi 27 avril 2012
Baby poney : spécial 3 ans jeudi 19 avril 2012
Journée exceptionnelle vendredi 27 avril 2012 "Chasse aux oeufs"
Tarifs :
40€ la journée pour les licenciés au club
45€ pour les non licenciés
25€ la 1/2 journée
Contact : 06 14 69 69 95

17TH, 18TH and 19TH April  09H30 - 11H30 : children's pottery workshops - Easter holiday. 15 euros per child, for more information, contact Jo at

Wednesday 18 April

18 April 14h : "Mercredi enfants" au Château de Vayres
Mercredi 18 et 25 avril 2012
Mercredi 24 et 31 octobre 2012
A partir de 3 ans: visite contée du château et parcours d'énigmes.
En avril : atelier"chevaliers"
En octobre : atelier "sorcières"
Exceptionnellement, le château de Vayres vous invite un mercredi après-midi, en famille, à découvrir tous les charmes de ce château fort et les délices d'une promenade dans ses jardins à la française ! De nombreuses activités vous seront proposées comme un parcours d'énigmes autour de la forteresse, ou des ateliers ludiques et pédagogiques pour les enfants : devenir chevalier au Moyen Age Dès 3 ans ( avril) ou potions de sorcières (octobre).
Début des activités à 14h précises, prévoir 3h d'activités.
Tarif :  Adulte 10€ / Enfants 5-15 ans : 11€
Réservation obligatoire
Château de Vayres
RN 89 Sortie n°7
33780 Vayres
Tél : +33(0)5 57 84 96 58
Fax : +33(0)5 57 84 96 67

18 April 20h30 : Bird is showing in VO at the Rex in Creon.
The troubled life and career of the jazz musician, Charlie "Bird" Parker.  Saxophone player Charlie Parker comes to New York in 1940. He is quickly noticed for his remarkable way of playing. He becomes a drug addict but his loving wife Chan tries to help him.

Thursday 19 April

Friday 20 April

20 April – 8 May : Brocante de Printemps at Bordeaux Quinconces.  Foire aux jambons and plants.  This brocante runs non-stop through until 8 May.  Don’t be afraid to haggle the prices.

20 April 20h15 : Macbeth.  The London Royal Opera House production of Verdi’s Macbeth is showing at the Libourne Multiplex.  For more about the production visit for more details of the Libourne Multiplex visit

20 April 20h : Dîner de printemps à Château Troplong-Mondot, Saint-Emilion
100€ TTC par personne
100€ (all tax included) per person
Pour toute réservation, merci de nous contacter : ou par téléphone :

Saturday 21 April

21 April 17h30 : The Woman in Black is showing in VO at the Rex in Creon.
A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.  Starring Daniel Radcliffe

21 April 9h-17h : Marche aux fleurs, Place de la Mairie, St-Pey-d'Armens

21 April 9h - 19h : Foire aux vins a la Cave des 2 Vignobles, route de Minzac, Villefranche-de-Lonchat.

Saturday April 21st, Mozaic Jazz Band will be playing at Lisle (24)

21 April 21h : Concert with La Chorale des Bastides at the church in Massugas.  Entrée €6
Sunday 22 April

22 April : Vide Grenier at Place Gambetta, Bergerac.

22 April : Foire aux Oeufs et aux Poussins Présentation avicole à Lamonzie Montastruc - 24 –

Weekend of 21 -22 April the Pays de Libournais has Portes Ouvertes at some of their Chateaux. See the poster for more details.

Coming up…

Hello everyone,
We are organising an Antiques and Craft Market on Sunday the 13th of May 2012 called BROC à SANSE. It will be the second market of its kind held outdoors on the lawn overlooking the Chateau. Last year was a great sucess for everyone involved.
Places are available at 3 Euros a metre. You must bring your own table. Sorry we don't have outdoor
electric outputs. The market runs from 8am to 6pm. We ask that all stall holders stay until 6pm to avoid disappointing late arrivals for the event.
If you are interested in taking part in this event or require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,

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