Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week 36 2015


It’s back to school this week and it’s stationery heaven in the supermarkets!  As a girl on holiday in France one of my strongest memories is wandering through the aisles in a state of wonder, marvelling at the selections of pens, the choices of colours and the ranges of notebooks!  Now I know, as I watch the children and parents working their way down the long list of items given out by the schools. These are the things necessary for la rentrée!

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great week.

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Ps – Please excuse the delay in posting… massive computer (and Helen) meltdown :-(

Week 36 2015

Monday 31 August

Tuesday 1 September

Wednesday 2 September

Thursday 3 September

3 September : Jazz and Wine  with Steve Coleman in Concert at Château Carbonneau

3 September : Marche des Producteurs Ste Foy la Grande Terrasse François Mitterrand
3 September : Duras Night market featuring Mickael Vigneau (accordéoniste nouvelle génération).

Friday 4 September

4 – 5 – 6  September : Belves in Fete, starting with a Marche Gourmande

4 – 5 September : Les Nuits de la Sauve

4 September : Soiree Concert at La Terrasse Rouge, best to book a table in advance.

Saturday 5 September

5 September : Thomas Deffarge and his ‘Refait L’Histoire

5 September : Palombe en fete in Pellegrue, exhibitions, events, shows and food.  it’s all about the wood pigeon.


5 September : 5th Rallye Tour of St Emilion.  Discover hidden and not-so-hidden secrets in the St Emilion region – on foot, by bike, or by car.
5 – 6 September : Portes Ouvertes in Castillon.  Go to www.castillon-cotesdebordeaux.com for information about who is opening their doors and where. There’s more than wine to discover over the weekend.

Sunday 6 September

6 September : Vide Grenier in Belves de Castillon

6 September : Brocante vide grenier in Blasimon

6 September : Brocante vide grenier artisanat d'art at Lussac

6 September : Vide greniers de l amicale des parents de l école du sud at the ecole elimantaire du Sud, 16 rue jules védrines, Libourne

6 September : Vide Greniers at Place du Général de Gaulle, Pineuilh

6 September : Vide grenier at Eymet

Coming up…

And finally…

Paula & Gregg Mitchell have just taken on the agency for the English paint brands Crown, Crown Trade & Sandtex.  They supply in Departments 24,33 & 47.
Crown produce a huge array of decorating products for all situations. Sandtex are famous for top quality exterior paints for masonry & wood. Their paints are so weather resistant that their biggest market is now Africa!
These long established brands are now available here at similar prices to the UK. Delivery is normally within a week, as stocks of most lines are kept in France.
Virtually any colour can be matched on request including historic colours.
Ring Paula on 05 57 46 34 48 for more details & prices.

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