Thursday, 28 July 2011

Comptoir des Sports and le Barber Shop Quartet

What a lovely Tuesday evening - braving the raindrops we set out...

Dinner at the Comptoir des Sports in Sainte-Foy.  Steak and home made chips.  Husband had a creme brulee which he highly rated.

But the highlight of the evening was Le Barber Shop Quartet.

As we lined up to buy our tickets (a very reasonable €8 including a drink and a nibble) the outside of the building wasn't particularly overdoing the publicity, and once inside we were invited to unload our chairs from the racks and add them to the growing audience.

But what a show... at one stage I was crying with laughter...    Bruno Biutenhuijs, Isabelle Drault, Cecile Heraud and the rubber faced and versatile Bertrand Antigny are brilliant entertainers.  Mixing traditional Barber Shop tunes with modern adaptations the show was upbeat and fun to watch.  The audience was a mixture from the grand children to the grand parents and there was something for everyone.

Would I go again?  In a heartbeat!

Barber Shop Quartet