Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Week 52 2016


As the sunshine breaks through the mist on a glorious winter day I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and joyful 2017.

My continued thanks to everyone who follows the Newsletter and supports the weekly editions.  I truly appreciate all your contributions, photos, updates and information.

Very best wishes for a lovely holiday season and I'll be back in 2017!


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Week 51 2016


Christmas lights are up and I love the decorations in the Grand Homme in the centre of Bordeaux.

The decorations in the rest of city aren't bad either... you should take a trip and check them out.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time and enjoy the seasonal festivities.
Best wishes,

Week 51 2016


Monday 12 December

Tuesday 13 December

Wednesday 14 December

14 December : Upcoming Carol services in the region

Thursday 15 December

Friday 16 December

16 December 19h : Soiree Rouge & Or at the Centre Commercial Grand Pineuilh

16 December 19h30 : Jazz Concert in Le Jazz Club in the Grand Cafe de l'Orient in Libourne.  Reservations recommended.

16 December 21h : Concert de Noel in Saint Surplice de Faleyrans

16 - 23 December : Marche de Noel at Vignobles Momboucher in Mouliets et Villemartin

Saturday 17 December

17 December : Noel des Enfants in Rauzan

17 December : Truffles for Sale in St Emilion.

17 December : Christmas Concert in Capitourlan.

17 December : Repas de Noel in Blasimon

17 - 31 December : Sainte Foy celebrates Christmas.  To see the full programme, click here

Sunday 18 December

18 December : Weekly winter flea market in Rauzan.

 18 December : Christmas Market in  Port Sainte Foy.

18 December 19h : Solstice d'Hiver with music at the Marie in Castillon.

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And finally... 

So proud of my latest creations!  Thank you Jo... You're the best! 💗

Warm from the kiln.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Week 50 2016


Have you been to the big Christmas Market in Bordeaux yet? Plenty to see, from the traditional items to add to your Creche (known as Santons), to Santa in his grotto selling Christmas trees, to all sorts of gifts, curios and edible items, perfect for Christmas.

A fabulous choice of Santons for your Creche.

If you haven't managed to get there, it's not too late. The market runs until 26 December.
Plenty of local Christmas Markets too this weekend. 

So, whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great week.

Best wishes,

Week 50 2016

Christmas Market Non-Stop from 3 - 10 December at Chateau Font Vidal in Juillac

Monday 5 December

Tuesday 6 December

Wednesday 7 December

Thursday 8 December

8 December 19h : Carol Service at the Church in Moncaret

Friday 9 December

9 December 19h : Concert de Noel in the Eglise de Francs

Upcoming Christmas Carol Services

Saturday 10 December

10 December : Vide grenier in Castillon at Ecole Henri Bardon, 11, Place du Champ de Foire

10 December 14h - 18h : Christmas at the Chai au Quai on the waterfront in Castillon with live music and a food truck.

10 - 11 December : Marche de Noel in Pineuilh

10 - 11 December : Christmas in St Emilion, if you missed out last weekend, it's back for a second

10 - 11 December : Marche de Noel in Saussignac

Sunday 11 December

11 December : Winter Flea Market in Rauzan.  Could be just the place for an unusual Christmas gift?

11 December : Marche de Noel in Duras, with pottery by Joanna McKinnon.

11 December : Marche de Noel and Brocante in Porte Sainte Foy.

11 December : Marche de Noel in Pessac sur Dordogne

11 December : Marche de Noel in St Antoine de Breuilh

11 December 14h30 : Hot Swing Sextet perform in the Foyer in Monsegur.

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And finally... 

Not so much a Christmas 🎄tree... more of a mug ☕ tree.  I rather like it 😊