Thursday 29 June 2023

Week 26 2023


It was a hot day in Gensac on Sunday for the festival du Mouton Ivre, so I should think that the sheep were quite glad to have their fleeces shorn. 


Thank you for coming by and picking up some pottery, I sold all my 'Death to Mosquitoes' so please be patient whilst I make some more.

It's the school holidays from next week, so lots of summer activities and village festivals, if you see one going on near you, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time,
Best wishes,

Week 26

29 June

30 June

1 July

2 July

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I'm absolutely going to give this a go!

And finally...

Here's the summer pottery programme. A menu of projects.  Just choose an activitiy, and give me a call to fix a date.  Ideally a group will have 3 or more, up to 6.  But if you contact me, there are small groups where I can add in an extra one or 2.

It's a lovely family activity.

Thursday 22 June 2023

Week 25 2023


This weekend heralds the Festival du Mouton Ivre in Gensac.  This is the 5th festival and as always, it celebrates all things woolly.


This year there's a new formula.  The Saturday is set aside for the knitters and they invite you to join them for a Tricot-Thé walk! It's a great opportunity to get together and share a convivial moment around the common passion, knitting. Beginners and experienced knitters will meet up at 10am to go for a walk. Punctuated by knitting breaks, before meeting up in the heart of the village for a "auberge espagnole".

In the afternoon, the Café Tricot de Gensac group will be proposing a project specially designed for the occasion: knitting the Gensac bag! Various patterns have been devised to suit beginners and experienced knitters alike. Don't hesitate to sign up now, the day is free.
To register, send an email to (with your full name and telephone number).

Then the Sunday, the village will be filled with the artisan stands selling all things that knitters need, including my ceramic yarn bowls and mugs (not forgetting the Death to Mosquito best sellers!) This year the yarn bowls and mugs are decorated with knitting texture on the sheep as well as a long tail in the shape of a 5 - as it's the 5th edition.

The village will also host the exhibition of ancient farm machinery as well as my favourite - the sheep shearing demonstration.

Come along and say hello!  I'll have lots of my other ceramics there too.

Whatever you do this week in the Dordogne and Gironde regions, have a great time.

Best wishes,

Week 25

22 June

23 June

24 June - Fete de la Musique.

The Fete de la Musique is held on 21 June which is the longest day. However, when it falls midweek celebrations are often planned for the following weekend.  Good job really as we had such heavy rain on the 21st June this year.

25th June

So many weekend festivals... see above too

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And finally...

One of my lovely pottery students is taking part in an art exhibition this weekend.  The very talented Sophie is one of the artists in the show in Saint Laurent du Bois - go Sophie!  I'm so delighted for you!