Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Week 26 2017

Looking for a great view and a place to meet friends and have a drink and a light meal?  The  Taverne at the Belvedere on the top of the hill outside Pessac is open for business.  Have a glass of wine from their vineyard, or a local beer and a plate of tapas.  Where else can you find such a fabulous view?

Whatever you are doing this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time.

The Night Market page is continually updating, if you have any dates please let me know.

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Week 26 

Monday 26 June

Tuesday 27 June

Wednesday 28 June

28 June Marche nocturnes in Monsegur

28 - 29 June : the bridge at Pessac-sur-Dordogne is closed for 2 days 

Thursday 29 June

29 June : L'Apero Fronsac, music, food and wines are presented by the Vignerons de Fronsac

29 June 21h : Orchestre Symphonic de Talence perform at the Eglise Notre Dame de Port Sainte Foy

29 - 30 June and 1 July : MADs presents Deckchairs at the Salle des Fetes, Monsaguel

Friday 30 June

30 June 18h : Le vernissage de l'atelier 'Robots'  at the Pole socioculturel in Castillon

30 June : Marche Gourmand at the Recyclerie in Pessac sur Dordogne
STOP PRESS!  Marche Gourmand now on 28 July

Saturday 1 July

1 July : Blasimon Fete Medieval

1 July : Brocante at La Charrette Bleue near Velines roundabout

1 July : Vide pousette at the Jardin Public in Ste Foy

1 July Coffee Morning and Table top sale in St Meard de Gurcon.

Good company! New and nearly-new clothing! Cakes! Books! And much, much more!
Come and join us for a great day out in raising funds for cats and kittens in need at Association Acorn (
We’ll be putting on quite a spread for you on Saturday 1st July at the Salle des Fêtes, 24610, St Méard de Gurçon (between St Foy La Grande and Montpon-Ménésterol) in the Dordogne. 
There will be cakes and savouries a-plenty so please come and join us for lunch, coffee or afternoon tea and hopefully a sausage sizzler (we are working on it).
You will hopefully be tempted by our bargains galore as we only stock good quality items but sell them at low, low prices! So whether you’re looking for a new summer outfit, some household goods or a good book to sit back and relax with, you’ll be in the right place. 
Doors will be open from 10:00hrs to 15:00hrs
The village of St Méard de Garçon is small and the Salle des Fêtes is easy to find. Parking is available in front of and behind the hall. 
If you have any questions about this event, please contact us at

1 July 17h : join in the celebrations along the waterfront in Branne.  Marche gourmande.


1 July 17h : Concert d'Ete in Gensac at the Eglise Notre Dame featuring the Choeur Alba

1 July 18h : Marche Gourmande at Les Halles Foyennes

1 July 18h : Apero Musical at St Laurent des Hommes
STOP PRESS - Cancelled 
Very sorry to all who had put the Apéro Musical at St Laurent des Hommes in their diaries for tomorrow, but the event has been cancelled due to the not-so-glorious weather.  Very sorry to disappoint.

1 July 19h : Concert at Chateau Montlau in Moulon in aid of the Hospitals of Bordeaux

1 July : Marche Gourmande at Mouliets et Villemartin followed by fireworks

1 July 20h : Music Sans Frontiers Concert at the Eglise Saint-Jean in Lalande de Pomerol

1 July 20h : Sardinade at Lamothe Montravel

1 July 20h : Le Port du Fleix en Fete music and food

1 July : Music and Gastronmie at le Club Ephemere at Chateau La Fleur Picon, St Emilion

Sunday 2 July

2 July : Vide grenier in Flaujagues

2 July : Vide Grenier in Juillac

2 July : Vide Grenier at Garsac de Gurcon

2 July : Vide grenier in Montignac

2 July 17h30 : Le Josem en Concert at Camblanes

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Ste Foy

And finally...

If it's raining out there... head to the shops, the National Sales are on.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Week 25 2017


If you go to Gensac you will see the results of a successful yarn bombing!I love how it brightenes up the centre of the village, smiling faces on lamp posts and signs, woollen webs in trees and stripey sweaters on the trees.  Go and have a look, and have a drink or a snack at the Gensake whilst you're there!

La Fete de la Musique takes place on midsummer's day, look out for events all around, stretching over the weekend too.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time and try and keep cool!

Many thanks to everyone who has sent contributions.  It's never to late to add something in.
Best wishes,

Week 25 2017

Monday 19 June

Tuesday 20 June

20 - 24 June : Art exhibition at the Salle Cascante in Castillon. Vernissage on wednesday at 18h30

20 June 20h45 : Concert Les Collegiades in St Emilion

Wednesday 21 June - Fete de la Music. 

The Fete de la Music traditionally held in France on midsummer’s day.  It all began in 1982 when the then Minister of Culture Jack Lang decided to revive the pagan Festival of St Jean.  He invited musicians from all walks of life to join together and give free concerts.  Over 30 years later the event has spread throughout the world.
Events all over the area, pick one near you and head out for an evening of music. 

Thursday 22 June

22 June  - 3 July : Art Exhibition by Dominique Pichou at the Salle Gothique in St Emilion.

Friday 23 June

23 June : Pays Foyen starts summer events and activities. Find out more here.

23 June : Fete de la Saint Jean at Naujan et Postiac

23 June : Pique-nique Chic at Chateau des Vayres

23 June : Marche Nocturne at St Geraud de Corps

23 June : Fete de la Musique in Ste Foy la Grande and Porte Ste Foy

23 - 24 - 25 June : Libourne Fete le Vin.  Wine related activities and events held at the Caserne, 15 Place Joffre (it used to be the old Police training centre, now the Prefecteur is there).  Find out who, what and when here.

Saturday 24 June

24 June : La Grote Celestine in Rauzan celebrates its 100,000 visitor.  If you've never been it's a great little visit.  And probably one of the coolest places to be right now!  Ring ahead to make an appointment.

24 June : Parenthese Bien-etre at Chateau Roylland in St Emilion.  Reservations necessary.

24 June : Fete des Montravel. Portes Ouvertres, exhibitions, dancing eating and tasting all around Montravel's 80 year celebrations.

24 June 20h : Le Josem at the Salle des Fetes in Grezillac

24 June 14h - 19h : Festi'go in Ste Foy la Grande.

24 June : Marche Gourmande in St Quentin du Caplong

24 June : Fete du Solstice in Saint Surplace de Faleyrens.  Not quite Stonehenge, but a standing stone nonetheless.

24 June : Live music at the Gensake in Gensac Saturdays through June, July, August and September.

24 - 25 June : Vide Grenier in Espiet at the Stade de Foot

Sunday 25 June

25 June : Vide grenier at Saint Martin du Puy

25 June : Brocante at Ste Terre by the waterfront.

25 June : Brocante in Lamonzie Montastruc

25 June : Vide Grenier in Libourne

25 June : Brocante Vide Grenier in Montpon Menesterol

25 June : Vide grenier in Villesque

25 June : Puces de la Bastide in Ste Foy la Grande

25 June : Brunch dit Vins at Chateau Coutet in St Emilion.
25 June 17h30 : Fete de la Musique in St Laurent des Hommes, in the church and in front of the Mairie.

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Ste Foy

And finally...

With this hot weather we really need to keep our liquids topped up so why not try water kefir? The best way to describe it is flavored soda minus all the processed sugar, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Water kefir is nature’s way of making soda and by far, one of the healthiest and easiest to make at home.  It grows in a jar, a little like ginger beer, but with extra probiotics.

If you would like to give it a try, find out more about it here and if would like a starter, please contact Debbie at  She can tell you more about it, and let you have a 'starter'.  You keep it in the fridge and it's a delicious, cool thirst quencher, packed with natural goodness.