Thursday, 30 August 2018

Week 35 2018


Coming up we have the 5th Festival Vino Voce in St Emilion. Created in 2014 by Nadine Vasseur, a voice professional, for a long time animator and producer of a magazine on France Culture and by François des Ligneris, winegrower in Saint-Emilion and lover of art and music, Vino Voce aims to share with the public their common passion for the voice and wine.

Vino Voce celebrates the thousand and one facets of the voice and is also a tribute to the wine-growing territory of Saint-Emilion, to its magnificent architectural heritage which offers an exceptional setting for the voice and multiplies its beauty.

On the agenda: shows, meetings, workshops, screenings, etc. Have a look on the website and discover the events. 

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great time - the back to school feeling is in the air... it's the rentree next week!

Best wishes,

Week 35

I've tried adding links to locations... click on the place and it should open in Google maps (fingers crossed!)

There are still a few night markets to be found here.

Monday 27 August

Tuesday 28 August

Wednesday 29 August

Thursday 30 August
30 August : Live music at the Belvedere

Friday 31 August

31 August : Catch Big Ed and the Red Balls in Villeneuve de Duras

31 August - 1 - 2 September : Fete Local in Galgon - fireworks on Saturday night.

Saturday 1 September

1 September : Les Broc'a Puces at the Charrette Bleue at the bottom of Velines.

1 September : Sponsored dog walk for the Phoenix association in St Sauveur de Bergerac.

Sunday 2 September

2 September Grande Brocante in Belves.

2 September : Brocante Vide grenier in Blasimon

2 September : Vintage Car Exhibition in St Genes de Fronsac.

2 - 3 - 4 September : Belves de Castillon en Fete

2 Septembre : Brocante Vide grenier in Lussac

2 September : Vide grenier and Fete in Moulon

Coming up...

 See the full programme for the Castillon Portes Ouvertes here.

And finally...

I'd been wanting to try this recipe for ages, but wasn't sure where to get kale.  Then my fresh organic veggie box from the Jardins de la Prele in Flaujagues arrived with a beautiful bunch of kale! (and ok, I replaced butternut with courgette)

Butternut, kale and walnut white pizza.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Week 34 2018


A busy week, so please excuse me, but mostly images for now - words to follow!

The Franco British Week rolls out a range of activities and events this week.

Second part - don't have the first part... does anyone?

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne region, have a great time.
Best wishes,

Week 34

To find all the information about night markets in the area please go here

Monday 20 August

Tuesday 21 August

Wednesday 22 August

Thursday 23 August

Friday 24 August

Last 2 performances on Friday and Saturday
Saturday 25 August

Sunday 26 August

Porte Ste Foy en Fete

Coming up...

And finally...

First fig harvest.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Week 33 2018


There's a great little pop up shop in Duras, with arts and crafts from local artisans including my favourite potter Jo McKinnon. Find her on the mezzanine level above the newly renovated area in the centre of Duras. There's a lift and stairs for easy access.

15th August is one of the four set Catholic holidays in France (can you name the others?)  It celebrates the day when Mary was taken from her earthly life to enter into the life of God.  It also falls in the middle of the summer, so a great time for an extra bit of holiday!  It’s on a Wednesday this year, so as you can see some villages have combined it with the village fete 

Whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne regions this week, have a great time.
Best wishes,

Week 33

To find all the information about night markets in the area please go here
Monday 13 August

8 - 15 August : Pampa Festival of Theratre in Porte Ste Foy et Ponchapt.  Find out all about it here.

La Randonnee Theatre from the Poney Club  is touring the region with Chant de Bataille. A musical performance on horseback.

Tuesday 14 August

14 - 15 August : Fete locale in St Geraud de Corps 

Wednesday 15 August

15 August : Grande Rendez Vous and Brocante in Duras

15 August : Fete de l'Huitre in Eymet - calling all oyster lovers! 

15 August : Grande Fete Populaire in Lamothe Montravel - the Vide grenier is under the trees near the railway line.

15 Aug 16h30 : Concert Musica Nobile in St Astier de Duras

15 August : Night market in Pessac.

Thursday 16 August

16 Aug - 1 September : Every Thursday. Friday and Saturday go and dance in Libourne on the 
Esplanade Francoise Mitterand. 

Friday 17 August

17 August : Night market in Flaujagues

17 August : Night market and Folk Festival in Rauzan followed by fireworks.

17 August : Rock music in Eynesse 

17 August : Battle of Castillon, buy tickets and find out more here.

17 - 18 - 19 August (I think??) Bonzac en Fete 

Saturday 18 August

18 August : Night market in Juillac

18 August : Marche Nocturne in Puynormand 

18 August : Battle of Castillon, buy tickets and find out more here.

18 August 18h : Chateau des Rocheres in Belves de Castillon hosts a Soiree Estivale - music, food and wine!

18 August 18h : Kayak and BBQ event in Port Ste Foy 

18 - 19 - 20 August : Blasimon Fete locale - 2 nights of night markets and fireworks on Sunday night.

18 - 25 August : Celebrate 30 Years of Nuits Lyrique in Marmande.  Find all the information about the programme, the artists and the performances here

Sunday 19 August

19 August : Vide grenier in Castillon

19 August : Weekly vide grenier in Libourne

19 August : Brocante Vide grenier in Genissac

19 August : Vide grenier brocante in Porte Ste Foy et Ponchapt

19 August 10h - 14h : Belves de Castillon Marche Bio 

Coming up...

And finally...

New stock in Sauveterre: