Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Week 27 2015


Just when I think I know all about my local area I discover something new, and last weekend we discovered that there is a little lake at Lamothe-Montravel.  A charming site, normally a tranquil fisherman’s setting, was the venue for a vide grenier.  Barely 1km away from us by boat…

Take care this week in the heat, and see below for some hot weather advice.

Whatever you do in the Dordogne and Gironde regions this week,  drink lots of water and leave the midday sun to the mad dogs and English men…

Best wishes,

Week 27 2015

16 June – 31 July : Exhibition ‘Moulins a Vent’ at the Bibliotheque in Eymet.

Monday 29 June

Tuesday 30 June

30 June 18h : My Old Lady is showing in VO at la Breche cinema in Ste Foy.
An American inherits an apartment in Paris that comes with an unexpected resident. Starring Kevin Kline, Kristen Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith

30 June : Eymet night market

Wednesday 1 July

1 July : Monsegur Night Market

1 - 31 July : Oil and watercolour exhibition by Isi Herranz and Annie Roumagne at the Espace
Tourism at Vin at the Grand PineuilhVitrine.

Thursday 2 July

2 July : Duras night market featuring Tropik-Alizé (musique Antillaise)

2 July : Les Jeudis Gourmands Parc Gabriel Forestier Eymet

2 July 18h : Soiree Musique at Jeux at the Jardin Public in Ste Foy la Grande.

2 – 5 July : Jazz Festival in Monsegur. This famous local Jazz festival has live Jazz concerts in various locations throughout the village, as well as wandering performers offering free concerts.  Find out more at http://www.swing-monsegur.com/

Friday 3 July

3 July : Concert by Thomas Hernandez in celebration of the 5eme edition de la Nuit des eglises

3 July : Night market at Villefranche de Longchat

3 July 18h : Invitation to the opening of the Exhibition at la Vitrine, Pineuilh.


3 July 19h : Nuit de Fete a La Riviere
A l'ancien manège à chevaux du
Château de La Rivière
- de 19h00 à 19h45 :
Dégustation gratuite des productions des vignerons de la commune et vente sur place de vin rouge ou rosé pour le repas.
- de 19h45 à 21h30 : Buffet campagnard ( 12€ par personne et demi-tarif pour les enfants de moins de 8 ans )
<< Réservation indispensable au 05 57 24 98 28 ou 05 57 84 86 86 >>
- de 21h40 à 22h30 : Concert ( gratuit ) LES PIECES JOINTES " Le Quatuor de la Tour des Anges ".
Un spectable drôle de chansons a Cappella. 4 personnages décalés revisitent avec enthousiasme et passion, un répertoire varié de standards allant de Beethoven à Abba.
- à 22h35 : Festival Cinesites ( gratuit ) :
Projection du film de Wes Anderson : "The Grand Budapest Hôtel" avec Ralph Fiennes ( 99min )
- à 0h15 : Feu d'artifices en face du
Château La Rivière
Renseignements et réservations :
05 57 24 98 28 ( Mairie de La Rivière )
05 57 84 86 86 ( Office de Tourisme Cantonal du Fronsadais )

3 July : Marche Gourmand at Les Guinots, Cave de Flaujagues.

3 July 20h – 2h : Soiree Rouge at La Terrasse Rouge, Château la Dominique, St Emilion, featuring DJ Yanis Texier and the Elo Ayaba Quartet 

3 – 4 – 5 July : Libourne Rowing club hosts the National Rowing Championships at the Lac des Dagueys.  All welcome. http://cnlibourne.fr/

Saturday 4 July

4 July : Quintette de Cuivres Concert by the Bordeaux Brass Quartet at the Church in the centre of Castillon la Bataille, Tickets €13

4 July 19h : Dinner and Cabaret at the Salles de Fetes in Gensac.  Featuring Diamond’s Girls.  (that’s not my apostrophe…)

4 July : Night Market in Mouliets et Villemartin featuring Michael Vigneau and his accordion, and fireworks at 23h

4 July : Festival des Ploucs at Razac de Soussignac

4 July : La Piste Gourmande, Sadirac

4 July : Live music at La Cave des Chevaliers featuring the Thomas Sarrodie Group.

4 – 5 July : Summer Craft Fair at Chateau Issigeac.


4 – 5 July : Joanna McKinnon is hosting Pottery open days at La Poterie, St Gerard de Corps.  Beautiful hand made and painted pottery.

4 July – 20 September : Calligraphy Exhibition at the Maison du Vins de l’Entre duex Mers, Abbaye de la Sauve Majeur.  Free entry.

Sunday 5 July

5 July : Vide Grenier and flea market at Coutras

5 July : Brocate Vide grenier in Flaujagues

5 July : Brocante Vide grenier in Mouliets et Villemartin

5 July : Vide grenier in Fronsac

5 July : Vide grenier Brocante in RUES ET PLACES DU CENTRE VILLE (Avenue jean raymond guyon) Pineuilh

5 July : Foire a tout, vide grenier at Saint Philippe d’Aiguille

5 July 15h – 19h : High Tea at Chateau Carbonneau.  €25/person reservations recommended 05 57 47 46 46.  Tea and cake in the beautiful setting of the Glass House.

5 July 19h30 : Soiree Jazz at the Comptior de Genes.  20 musicians entertain with live music.

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And finally…

It’s going to be a hot week…


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Week 26 2015


In Castillon the old swimming pool has been given a facelift.  Did you even know there was a swimming pool in Castillon?  Hidden between the Salle and the Primary school is the abandoned open air pool. 

During the course of last week various graffiti artists came and ‘tagged’ the outside of the pool with nautically influenced graffiti art.  As the summer rolls on, there will be more events, find out more at the Facebook page Graff Battle Show#1. 

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great week.  If you hear of any events that you’d like to share on the blog, please don’t hestitate to send me information and I’ll add it in whenever possible. 

Many thanks and best wishes,

Week 26 2015

Monday 22 June

Tuesday 23 June

Wednesday 24 June

24 June : Night market in Monsegur

Thursday 25 June

25 June 20h30 : My Old Lady is showing in VO at La Breche in Libourne.
An American inherits an apartment in Paris that comes with an unexpected resident. Starring Kevin Kline, Kristen Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith

25 June 21h : The Orchestre Symphonique de Talence is in concert at the Eglise du Port at Port Sainte Foy Entrance €8

25 June : Night Market in St Michel de Fronsac

Friday 26 June

26 June : The Jazz Butcher in Concert at La Cave des Chevaliers in Villefranche de Longchat.

Saturday 27 June

27 June : Vide Grenier and Brocante – fete d’ete at Espiet

27 June 15h : My Old Lady is showing in VO at La Breche in Libourne.

27 June Night markets in St Quentin de Caplong, Rauzan and Espiet – Espiet has fireworks as it’s part of their Fete d’ete.

27 June 18h : St Laurent des Hommes has an Apero Musical – free antry and all welcome

27 June : Rauzan Fete sa Musique

Sunday 28 June

28 June ; Marche de Potiers in Castlemoron d’Albret

28 June : Vide Grenier and Fete d’ete in Espiet

28 June : Vide Grenier in Camarsac at the Chemin de Trams

28 June : Vide Grenier in Juillac

28 June : Vide Grenier in Moulon

28 June : Les Puces de la Bastide in Ste Foy la Grande

28 June : Vide Grenier in Sainte Terre

28 June : La Rando des Moulins Saint Pey de Castets, on foot or on bike, starts at 7h30.

28 June : Menesplet fete l’été and Vide grenier/marche aux puces

28 June : Saint Magne de Castillon vide grenier at Foire a tout

28 June : Saint vincent de Pertignas, vide grenier et brocante.

28 June : Vide grenier at Montpeyroux

28 June : Vide grenier at Lamothe Montravel etang


28 June : Fete de la Nature and Vide grenier at St Laurent des Hommes

28 June – 5 July : La Fete de la Cinema – all tickets for all films in all cinemas are €4.

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30 June 18h : My Old Lady is showing in VO at La Breche in Libourne.


And finally…

Did you know the Park and Ride system in Bordeaux has changed slightly.  You no longer buy your tickets as you enter the car park – now you pick them up at the tram station.  See below for more details and go to http://www.infotbc.com/en/park-ride-easiest-way-get-bordeaux-metropole-car


Monday, 15 June 2015

Week 25 2015


The Epicuriales return to Bordeaux from 12 – 27 June.  Les Allees du Tourney are turned into a wonderful open air food hall with many of the great chefs of the region coming together to showcase their restaurants and their style of cooking all in one wonderful ‘dining room’.

Find out who will be there, what you can see and eat and when the chefs are demonstrating their skills.  There’s something for everyone…you can book an evening with a Michelin starred chef… taste tapas as the sun sets… dine on traditional Moroccan Tajine… indulge in the best regional cuisine.  There really is a flavour to suit all taste buds!
Whatever you eat and wherever you are in the Dordogne and Gironde regions – have a great week.
Best wishes,

Week 25 2015

Monday 15 June

Tuesday 16 June

Wednesday 17 June

17 June : Cooking course at La Terrasse Rouge – this week it’s le rouget & les tomatoes de Marmande.  Reservations necessary.

17 June 20h30 : Lost River is showing in VO at La Breche cinema in Ste Foy.
"Lost River" is a dark fairy tale about love, family and the fight for survival in the face of danger. In the virtually abandoned city of Lost River, Billy (Christina Hendricks), a single mother of two, is led into a macabre underworld in her quest to save her childhood home and hold her family together. Her teenage son Bones (Iain De Casestecker) discovers a mystery about the origins of Lost River that triggers his curiosity and sets into motion an unexpected journey that will test his limits and the limits of those he loves. Also starring Matt Smith and Eva Mendes

Thursday 18 June

Friday 19 June

19  June 18h15: Lost River is showing in VO at La Breche cinema in Ste Foy

19 June : Night Market in St Geraud de Corps. There will be a Bandas!

19 June 21h : Zanzibar are playing in Ste Foy.

19 – 20 – 21 June : 3 Jours de Degustation at Chai et Rasede in the centre of Duras.  Wines from a selection of regions are available to taste this weekend in Duras.

19 June : Live Jazz at the Jazz Club de l'Orient in Libourne, Season IV Episode 9 -
Pierre Cherbero : Chant/Piano/Orgue,Thomas Lachaize : Saxs
Aurélien Gody : Basse/Contrebasse, Manu Milhou : Batterie

19 June 20h30 : Concerty by La Chorale des Bastides at the church in Gironde/Dropt

19 – 30 June : Exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the Chateau de Pujols.

Saturday 20 June

20 June : St Christophe des Bardes Vide Grenier

The Fete de la Musique is traditionally held in France on midsummer’s day.  It all began in 1982 when the then Minister of Culture Jack Lang decided to revive the pagan Festival of St Jean.  He invited musicians from all walks of life to join together and give free concerts.  Over 30 years later the event has spread throughout the world.
There will be a concert near you to enjoy this weekend – have a good time.


Sunday 21 June

21 June : Vide Grenier at Castillon la Bataille Rue Jean Monnet - rue du collège

21 June : Vide Grenier at Bonneville

21 June : Vide Greniers at Coubeyrac 33890

21 June : La Reole Brocante Vide Grenier

21 June : Vide Grenier Aire de Convivialité du VERDET Libourne.

21 June : Brocante Vide Greniers at Montpon-Menesterol

21 June : Vide grenier at Eymet

21 June : Perhaps the biggest and best Fete de la Musique in the region is in St Quentin du Baron. (By the way, it’s not us at 21h45!)

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23 June 18h : Lost River is showing in VO at La Breche cinema in Ste Foy

And finally…

The Night Market page is up and running, you can get to it by clicking on the link at the side of the blog.  It is a work in progress and easily updated, so if you hear of any markets not listed then please let me know and I can add it in.