Thursday 27 April 2023

Week 17 2023


Next week we launch in to May, the month of jour ferie (bank holidays). The 1st May celebrates May Day, also known as La Fête du travail, the only day when employees should legally be given a paid day off work.  So watch out, plenty of the local shops and businesses may well be closed.

It's also known as La Fête du Muguet , or the lily of the valley festival, so it's likely that you will see people around and about selling bunches of this sweet smelling flower - incidentally it's one of the ingredients in Chanel No5.

If you want to find out more, this is a fun article.

Whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a great week.
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 Week 17

28 April


29 April

30 April

Monday 1 May - May Day

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And finally...

Now also available in pink! The mosquito coil holders are selling well, so I've been making more... available in the Boutique in Sauveterre, and also in Monsegur on 8 May.

Thursday 20 April 2023

Week 16 2023


The place to be this weekend is in Doulezon for their spring market Flor'Artiz, all things for the garden and the spring time with local producers and artisans. 

I'll be there with my pottery, including plenty of garden related items including the Mosquito Spiral holders, plant markers, flower frogs and a new spring range of dishes and everyday ware with floral decorations. 

Please do come by and say hello if you're in the neighbourhood.

Whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, it's the last week of the school holidays, so have a good time,
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Week 16

21 April

22 April

23 April

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And finally...

Here's a couple of my flowery mugs in production.  Come over to Doulezon on Saturday to see how they turned out.

By the way, last week's photo was from Biarritz! Bravo to those who guessed correctly!👏