Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Week 22 2018


The fabulous festival of food continues in Bordeaux - the Epicuriales - what's not to like?

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions,  have a great time.

Best wishes,

Week 22

25 May - 9 June  Les Epicuriales in Bordeaux.  Find out more here

Monday 28 May
Tuesday 29 May
Wednesday 30 May
Thursday 31 May
Friday 1 June

1 June : UTLiB Conference on the Latin Poet Ovide.

1 June : Dinner and Concert at the Grande Cafe in Libourne

1 June 19h30 : Big Ed and the Red Balls in concert in Menesplet

1- 2 - 3 June : As Part of the Weekend of Rendez-Vous au Jardins Domaine de Franc opens it's doors with a weekend of events and activities.  Find out who and where and when here

1- 2 - 3 June : If you like Morue, (salt cod) or want to find out more, head over to Begles.  See more information here

Saturday 2 June

2 June : Vide grenier in Libourne at the ecole de l'Epinette

2 June : Fete du Village in Duras

2 June : Lamothe Montravel proposes a day of activities, followed by a Marche gourmande and concert

2 June : Puisseguin celebrates wines.

2 June 14h - 18h : Visit Loubes Bernac and the Dame o fleurs.

2 June 14h - 18h : Exhibition of vintage cars in Fronsac.

2 June : Marche Nocturne in St Jean de Blaignac

2 June 17h : An evening of music at the Place des Marroniers in Montagne

2 June : Repas de Chasse at Saint Avit de Soulege

2 June 21h30 : Les Bandas in Pineuilh, music, food and fireworks at the Place de la Mairie

2 - 3 June : As Part of the Weekend of Rendez-Vous au Jardins visit a Medieval garden in La Sauve Majeure

2 - 3 June : Festival Enfance de l'Art in Esclottes

2 - 3 June : Bordeaux Food Truck festival, spanning the weekend and spread over 5 sites at varous chateux, there will be plenty of activities, and much to eat!  Find out more here including venues and activities

2 - 3 June : Everyone's favourite accordionist is back - Mika V (formerly Mickael Vigneau) is back in town

Sunday 3 June

3 June : Vide grenier in Libourne

3 June : Brocante, vide grenier in Menesplet

3 June : Vide grenier in Ste Radagonde

3 June : Vide grenier in La Sauve

3 June : Vide grenier in Saint Phillipe d'Aguille

3 June : Foire a tout in Montcaret

3 June : Portes Ouvertes at Chateau Ferrasse, Castillon

3 June : Chateau de Pitray in Gardigan hosts a walk/run and a marche gourmande.

3 June: A day in the open air at Izon

3 June 11h : Inauguration of the Gabare in Montravel (I think!)  Might be Porte Ste Foy?  Anybody know more?

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And finally...

You never know when it might be useful:

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Week 21 2018


Our roses are out and they're beautiful!

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions - have a great time!  The sun is here!!

Best wishes,

Week 21 

Monday 21 May

Tuesday 22 May

Wednesday 23 May

Thursday 24 May

24 May : Rumour has it that the Plage in Castillon is opening on this day!

Friday 25 May

25 May : Le diner en rouge in Pineuilh.  Meet the winemakers from the Association des Vignes aux Vins at this gala dinner in Pineuilh

25 May 20h : Piano Recital in Tizac de Curton

25 May 20h30 : Musique de Chambres et Poesie at the Church in Lapouyade

25 - 26  - 27 May : Fete Locale in Porcheres

25 May - 6 June : Epicuriales in Bordeaux.  This annual food festival takes place at the Alees de Tourney. Great chefs and their fabulous restaurants and staff take to the open air and offer their food to all in a casual arena. The best time is at lunch time, wander between the stands and choose a menu that takes your fance.  It's a great chance to see the chefs in action as they introduce new dishes, and show of their specialities.  If you want, you can reserve in advance a meal with a favourite Michelin superstar chef.  Find out who, where and when here

Saturday 26 May

26 May : Les Ateliers Scofield in Pellegrue celebrate the Fete de l'Espampe.

26 May : Wine Tasting at Chateau Tour Choleet in Les Leves et Thoumeyragues.  Tasting information in English and French by Jennifer Clayton

26 May : Marche des artisan et createurs in Arveyres

26 May 20h : Concert at the beer bar in Castillon

26 May : Langon Fete ses Quais.

26 May : Concert at the Belvedere

26 May 20h : Gala de Dance in the Salle Clarisse Brian in Ste Foy

26 May 21h : Za Zouing perform in Porcheres

 26 - 27 May : Weekend of health and well being in Libourne - night market on the Saturday night.

Sunday 27 May 

27 May : Bric a Brac in Beychac

27 May : Discover Disc golf in Blasimon

27 May : Vide grenier in Grezillac

27 May : Vide ta chambre in Les Peintures

27 May : Weekly Vide Grenier in Libourne

27 May : It's all about the skating in Libourne

27 May : A day of Competition on Horseback with the Poney club de Ste Foy la Grande followed by Jazz in the evening.

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And finally...

There are still bargains to be had in vide greniers.  I had to hold back on my obsession for crockery as the cupboards are already creaking!  But all these pretty plates for €30...