Monday, 17 December 2012

Week 51 2012

  Can you ever have too many Christmas Trees?


Only 8 ‘sleeps’ to go… Hope you have your trees up and decorations festooning the house – not to mention putting a strain on the National Grid with a light display in the garden!

Libourne begins their Christmas celebrations this week and they have an ice-rink at the Esplanade François Mitterrand.

Thanks to JC for the picture of the Village des Crèches at Castelmoron d’Albret.

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Week 51

There are some musical events and concerts in Bordeaux over the holiday period.  For more listings go to

Monday 17 December
16 – 23 December : Marche de Noel at St Denis de Pile à la boulangerie PUJOS au rond-point de St Denis.

Tuesday 18 December

18 décembre 20h30 : Concert - Les Grandes Heures de Saint-Emilion . Château Cheval Blanc,
Mickaël Rudy, piano  Prokofiev, Moussorgski, Listz

Wednesday 19 December

19 -26  December : Ste Foy begins its week long Christmas festivities with Father Christmas in the centre of town, accompanied by his elves.  There will be hot wine, and in the Place de la Mairie you will find activities and displays.

19 – 30 December : Libourne celebrates Christmas with a ‘Village des animations’   To find the full programme go to

Thursday 20 December

Friday 21 December

21 -  30 December :  For the fourth consecutive year, the town of Libourne has 160 m² of ice skating rink at the Esplanade François Mitterrand.
Open from 14h to 20h and Dec. 25 from 16h to 19h.

21st December :18.30
Songs for the Winter Season at Lauzun Church
Chansons pour la saison d'hiver
Carols and songs of past times with
The North South Divide
(estimated finish 19:45)
For those of you who don't know, The North South Divide is a five piece a capella group who sing Folk and Traditional Music. The Church in Lauzun will be chilly, so wrap up warm. Entry is free. All welcome.

21 December 18h – 21h : The Vitrine de Pays Foyen which is next door to the new big Pineuilh Leclerc is hosting a late night Christmas event with plenty of things to see, taste and do.  Including hot wine, roasted chestnuts, exhibitions and a quiz.

21 December  19h30 : An evening of Jazz Piano (with Anthony Sycamore from the Jazz Lamp) at La Terrasse de Duras (opposite the chateau in Duras). Their phone no is 0553842962,,
If you don't know it, it's quite a small restaurant (in winter) with great food and quite an intimate atmosphere.

Saturday 22 December

Sunday 23 December

23 December 10h – 20h : Marche de Noel au Salon De Coiffure, Le Clos, Libourne.

23 December : A Creche and Christmas Carols in the Rue de l’Eglise in Sainte Foy in the morning.

23 December : Marche des Puces at Rauzan.  Last chance to bag an original ‘up-cycled’ gift for Christmas!

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And finally…

Please be careful if you are approached by official looking people holding clipboards and asking for money for charity.  There has been an unsettling incident outside the Leclerc in Castillon when scammers tried to part a kind hearted friend from her money.  They asked her for a donation, and then asked her for her credit card so that they could correctly copy her name.  If it hadn’t been for a warning shout from a passer-by in a car, the credit card would be long gone by now…  So please take care, we are all so busy this time of year and it’s so easy for these things to happen.


  1. Hello I thought it was 8 sleeps but cbeebies told me this morning that it was 10 so I am now completely reassured that my youngest and I can count. Our tree is finally up and lending a pleasant fragrance to our house. Roll on christmas festivities.

  2. Re the scam. The same thing happened to my husband in Castillon last summer, but at a cash point. A nicely dressed young man told him that he had left a 10€ note in the machine. By some means of persuasion he got him to reinsert his card. We learnt after that a second guy takes a photo of the card from behind and remembers the code. It was a bank holiday, so by the time my husband realised it was a scam it was too late. Watch out; they're pros!
    Happy Christmas to all the readers,