Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Week 31 2015


Lock up your chickens!  Friday morning when I went to let out our 4 elderly girls from their little chicken house I was met by an open door and a hole in the chicken wire fence.  Not your average fox-under-the-wire attack, but a mid-height wire-cutting-man-sized hole.

I don’t know why anyone would want to steal 4 geriatric old ladies (they left behind 2 eggs) and why they would go to the trouble of cutting through the fence, but the trail of feathers led to a convenient parking spot just round the corner.

Be aware… be vigilant… and put a strong electric current through your chicken fence!

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, have a lovely time.

Best wishes,

Week 31 2015

Monday 27 July
27 July : Jazz and Wine at Chateau de la Riviere, Fronsac

27 July – 8 August : Le Coin des Arts.  A pop-up arts and crafts shop on Duras, open for 2 weeks only.


Tuesday 28 July

28 July : Visit Ste Foy by night and by torch.  Tickets available at the Tourist Office – I hear it’s good fun!

28 July : St Emilion Night market – Park Guadet

28 July : Eymet Night Market
28 July : Castillon la Bataille Marche Gourmande

Wednesday 29 July

Hello All
If anyone would like to place and order for the Tuesday 4th August I will be available in your area for deliveries during the afternoon.
Please could you let me know by Wednesday 29th July.
Kind regards
franklinwz@orange .fr

29 July : Party in the Park with Hicksville Swing at Chateau Fayolle Luzac

29 July : Monsegur Night market

29 July : Blasimon Night Market - featuring Los Musaïcos, Banda

Thursday 30 July

30 July : Marche des Producteurs Ste Foy la Grande Terrasse François Mitterrand

30 July : Duras night Market featuring Les Touristes (rock)

30 July : Les Jeudis Gourmands Parc Gabriel Forestier Eymet

Friday 31 July

31 July : Valery Orlov in concert in Castillon church

31 July : Pellegrue invites you to join the Escargolade – Grillade with live music.

31 July : Join us on Friday night for a live concert with Naya at the Gensake in Gensac.
31 July : The opening concert for the Orchestre de Chambre de la Gironde 2015 at the Abbatiale de Guitres


31 July : Villefranche de Longchat night market

31 July : St Antoine de Breuilh night market

Saturday 1 August

1 August : Concert Promenade. 4 churches join together with concerts on one day.  Move between the churches for each concert.


1 August : Musique a la Ferme.  Vivaldi's 4 Seasons as you have never heard before, sitting on hay bails with your feet in the straw.  Go and discover and enjoy an evening of music.  Vivaldi 2 ways!

1 – 2 August : Fete de Loubes-Bernac

Sunday 2 August

2 August : Fete de la Riviere at Ste Foy la Grande including a night market.

2 August : The Moulin de Moustelat welcomes you to their farm.  I recognise those 2 in the photo…
2 August : Branne Vide Grenier and Brocante

2 August : Gensac Brocante

2 August : Le Fleix vide grenier de fete local

2 August : Montpon et Monesterol Vide grenier, marche des puces

2 August : Vide grenier at St Remy sur Lidoire

2 August : Concert by the Gironde Chamber Orchestra at Gensac Church

Coming up…


And finally…

4 healthy Kittens are in urgent need for a loving family. 3 boys and a little girl around 8 weeks old. The mother must have given birth on one of the rooftops.
They are all very friendly and playful. I am happy to split the cost for vaccination/sterilization/neutering. If you are not able to help, please please please spread the word as I am unable to keep them.
Contact Michele Jobling 06 45 06 93 38 or email

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