Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Week 47 2018


I'll be setting up a little decoration making workshop in the Maison des Artisans in Sauveterre on Sunday afternoon 2 - 6pm.  Come by, make a decoration or 2, browse the other artisan made items in the shop or just say hello!

I'll take your decorations away and fire and glaze them, then they will be ready for collection from 4 December, either at the boutique, or from my home near Castillon if it's closer for you.
I have letter stamps so that you can personalize them and I'll add ribbons once they are fired.

I'd love to hear from you if you plan to pop in, otherwise, bring your family and friends and I'll see you there.

Whatever you do in the Gironde and Dordogne region this week, stay warm and well.

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An update on flu jabs!  I went along to my local pharmacy, following last year's success - see below and, hooray the system is still in place!  What the pharmacist explained was that it was an opt-in trail in Aquitaine last year, this year all pharmacies in Nouvelle Aquitaine offer the service and next year it will be the whole of France, following the excellent take up rate.  He also explained that anyone can go in and ask for the jab, you just pay the €11 (more or less) cost of the prescription. And once again, pretty painless... and I didn't get flu last winter.

Week 47 2017 - It's the time of year to get your winter flu jab.  I went to collect mine, the usual procedure being that firstly I go and collect it from the pharmacy, then I make an appointment to have the jab on another day.  This usually means that the flu jab sits for a couple of weeks in my fridge until I remember to get part 2 sorted.
But not any more...hooray!  This year I went and collected it from the pharmacy in Castillon and they gave me the jab there and then. No more making an appointment elsewhere, no more injection lurking in the fridge - a one stop medical procedure!  Long may progress continue!
Bravo Pharmacy Les Halles in Castillon for taking on this pilot scheme.  And for my part, one of the least painful injections I've ever had!

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