Thursday, 6 January 2022

Week 1 2022


Thursday 6 January is the last day of the Christmas season and traditionally the day Christmas decorations get taken down and packed away for next year.  The 12th night is the day that the 3 wise men arrived in Bethlehem, taking gifts to the baby Jesus.
The French celebrate this day with a special cake called the ‘Galette des Rois’ (the King’s cake).   

This frangipane filled cake is served up according to tradition on 6th January.  A lucky charm – known as a fève (originally a bean, but now more often a little porcelain figure) is baked into the cake.  As story goes, the cake is divided into enough slices as people present, and one extra, for the first poor person that passes by.  The youngest person in the group decides who has which slice, and the person who finds the fève is crowned king or queen for the day.  When you buy a Galette des Rois it usually comes complete with a paper crown.  Want to make one yourself, here's a recipe, but it doesn't include the fève, so don't forget to add that in!

So if you were wondering what to eat with your afternoon cup of tea, on 6th January, it has to be a Galette des Rois!  Bon appétit!
Whatever you do this week, keep warm and well.  There's really not much going on, apart from eating cake... however, if you know of anthing, please do get in touch.
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Week 1

Really not much going on...
La Breche cinema in Ste Foy

 Coming up...

And finally...

If you are ready to get your hands into clay, a great activity for all ages, I have a pottery workshop on Saturday in Sauveterre.  This week we're making lighthouse candle-lights.  They sound so much more poetic in French - phare photophore
A 1 hour session costs €10/person, all materials and firing included. Only 4 people per session, so call ahead to book a place please - 06 30 89 85 36


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