Monday, 12 November 2012

Week 46 2012


During the month of November each year, Movember asks men across the world to grow a moustache with the aim of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Guys then start Movember 1st with a clean-shaven face and for the remainder of the month dedicate themselves to growing a fine moustache. Tom is cultivating a moustache for charity, more info here, and donations, gratefully received, can be made via (there’s even a photo – so you can follow his progress).

November is also the month that showcases Castillon at its best, the trees that line the avenue as you approach from the Ste Foy end are always quite beautiful.

As always, there are plenty of activities, the Pompdou exhibition continues in Libourne and the Christmas markets are already starting (is it ever too soon to start Christmas shopping?)

A Kandinskyfrom the Pompidou Expo 
(thank you RD - hope it's not upsidedown?)
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Week 46 

Monday 12 November

12 November 20h15 :  Wrong  is showing in VO at Libourne Grandecran.
Dolph Springer wakes up one morning to realize he has lost the love of his life, his dog, Paul. During his quest to get Paul (and his life) back, Dolph radically changes the lives of others: a pizza-delivering nymphomaniac, a jogging-addict neighbour in search of completeness, an opportunistic French-Mexican gardener, and an off-kilter pet detective. In his journey to find Paul, Dolph may lose something even more vital: his mind.  Starring Jack Plotnick, Erik Judor and Alexis Dziena.

Tuesday 13 November

13th November 1.30 till 2.30: Helen Franklin will be outside the church at St Méard de Gurçcon.  She sells Fresh Lamb, pork sausages, dry-cured bacon.  For further information  call Helen on 0553 823771 or 0609106284 Please leave a message if she does not answer, cellphone signal is very bad in her commune. She will phone you back. The house phone also has an answerphone so please leave a message or send an email to  or browse the under construction website .  A full price list is available on the blog

Wednesday 14 November

Thursday 15 November

Jo's Christmas Collection
Friday 16 November

16 Novembre 10h – 16h and 17 Novembre 13h – 18h : Portes Ouvertes
Atelier de Poterie, Route du Lac, St Géraud de Corps.

There will be a variety of pottery for sale, including lots of Christmas stock. For more details contact  Refreshments will also be available.Why not pop along and see what Jo has amongst her selection.

16 – 17 – 18 November : Le Salon des Creatures et des Ateliers d’Art at Hangar 14, Bordeaux.  For more information including reduced priced tickets available for download go to

16 novembre 18h30 : Conférence et concert le Chant des Oiseaux, musique de la Renaissance .  Saint-Emilion - Château Beauséjour-Bécot.  For more information go to

16 novembre 21h : Concert de choeurs basques, Vignonet - Eglise Saint-Brice, Concert d'inauguration proposé par l'Association pour la restauration de l'église Saint-Brice de Vignonet.
Chœurs basques "Bestalariak".
Tarif : 5€, 2€ pour les -12 ans.

16 November  21h : Château des Vigiers hosts an evening of Jazz in association with Jazz au Chais and Jazz Pourpre.  For further information go to

Saturday 17 November

17 – 18 November : Vide-greniers livres neufs et anciens, cartes postales, CD, DVD at the Salle des fêtes St Madard de Guiziers

17 – 18 November : Bourse aux jouets at Saint Vincent de Pertignas 33420

17 November 10h - 17h : Fete de Noel  Monteton  Festive foods, new stalls and old favourites, all in aid of Cancer Support France.

17 November : Bal Gascon at Civrac sur Dordogne, featuring La Galoche.  If you want to learn how to dance traditional Gascon dances then there is are dance lessons before the meal.  For more information call 05 57 40 45 53 or 05 53 24 19 93.
For more traditional dance evenings go to

17 novembre : Soirée Espagnole à partir de 20h00 à la salle communale Les Salles de Castillon, sangria, taps, paella royale, dessert, café. Soriée dansante : animation, démonstrtation et initiation avec l'association Flamenco Ria Pita de Montcaret. Organisé par « Demain les
salles » Adultes 20€ enfants 10€. Réservation auprès de Mme COLLARD : Porter ses couverts.

17 November 20h30 : Concert to celebrate St Cecile the patron saint of music
called the Festival of St Cecile 10th anniversary. €8
1st half : little bit from the pupils of Ecole de Musique at Blasimon, then 8 songs from another local choir, a song from Cecile LaRoche who is chef du choeur of Chorale des Bastides and chef of the ecole de musique, and singer and harmonioniste.
Followed by the entracte where they usually sell nice crepes cheap and you can get tea etc
2nd Half : La Chorale des Bastides 12 songs plus an encore selection includes cha cha and charleston and even a little bit in English - as well as jolly and sad songs.

Sunday 18 November

18 novembre 10h30 : Messe pour la Fête de Saint-Emilion, at the Monolithique Church

18 November : Vide greniers musical, salle des Fetes in Branne.  For more information go to

18 November : Rauzan Marche d’Hiver.  Open throughout the winter months in Rauzan.  A friend of mine took a stand there last weekend and had a very successful day.  There is also a restaurant there too.

18 November : Vide greniers at Eygurande et Gardedeuil 24700

L'Association Inter Paroissiale de Gensac organise son 2ème loto de l'année, dimanche 18 novembre à 15 h précises, Salle des Fêtes de Pessac sur Dordogne (en face de l'église Saint Vincent, grand parking).
Nombreux lots : paniers garnis, corbeilles de fruits, lots de viande, jambons, etc....
A l'entracte : tombola dotée de 15 prix.
Vente de crêpes et merveilles, cafés et boissons tout l'après-midi.

18 November 18h10 : The We and the I is showing in VO at Grandecrans in Libourne
A look at the lives of a group of teenagers who ride the same bus route, and how their relationships change and evolve on the last day of school. Starring Michael Brodie, Teresa Lynn and Raymond Delgado.

18 November 20h30 : Skyfall is playing in VO at the Eden Cinema in Monsegur.
Bond's loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.  Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Coming up…

19 November 20h30 : The 1966 Comedy caper How to Steal a Million is playing in VO at Le Lascaux in Montpon-Menesterol.
Romantic comedy about a woman who must steal a statue from a Paris museum to help conceal her father's art forgeries, and the man who helps her.  Starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole.

Brocante d’Automne in Bordeaux 23 November  - 9 December

And finally…
I once saw one of these (albeit alive and looking at me) on the road outside Ste Radegonde in the small hours of the morning.  I found this somewhat less mobile specimen at a market this weekend – but what is it?


  1. It could be a polecat or relative of. I've seen them in Scotland, but they had more solid red fur.

    1. Thank you, but I don't think it's a polecat - they have more of a yellowy black coat with no distinct markings. Hmmm???? I shall continue searching...