Thursday, 11 February 2021

Week 6 2021


Isn't nature amazing, it turned out that the large oak tree opposite our house was hiding a large hornet's nest. The rainy weather brought it crashing to the ground exposing the layers inside. The marvelous and intricate interior was laid bare.  

What a shame that it 's the same creatures that create this marvel who also cause havoc amongst our bee population.  Each summer there are always hornets hovering outside the entrance to our beehives, helping themselves to the bees.


Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, keep safe and well.
Best wishes,

Week 6

Local  weekly Farmer's markets continue to run. There are plenty in the region.









Holiday pottery continues and the piggy bank workshops are underway - it's not too late to have a go and make your own pottery pig.

And finally...


With regards to the opening article... now’s the time to set your hornet traps.  They are easy to build and amazingly successful, just don’t empty them out, top them up with more bait, it’s true, nothing seems to be more effective at attracting another hornet, than a trapped one!  Though the first traps should be laced with a mixture of beer, dry white wine and syrup (grenadine flavour is good, but any sweet syrup will work).  The beer and syrup attract the hornet and the white wine will repel the bees.

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