Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Week 8 2021


What beautiful weather we've been having.  Out and about on a walk we spotted this little creature out and about.  Can you see his little face?

I have seen much bigger ragondin/coypu or muskrats than this.  They are not well liked round these parts as they destabalise the aquatic ecosystem by their over-consumption of aquatic plants, they burrow into the river banks and they destroy waterfowl nests. In addition, this rather ugly animal can be a carrier of diseases such as leptospirosis or liver fluke. When we first arrived here, we would occasionally see rafts of poisoned vegetables out in the river put there to kill them.

I have heard that in the Charente there are ragondin farms, the meat is made into pate... tastes not unlike hare.

Whatever you do this week in the Gironde and Dordogne regions, take care, keep safe and enjoy they sunny weather.

Best wishes,

Week 8 and beyond...


And finally...

Here's a February pottery update.  The spoon workshop was good fun, plenty of imagination at work and conversation for the future use. Is it a spoon for the kitchen to put salt and pepper in, or a spoon to put earings in, or a spoon to put your teabag in after your cup of tea?  Here's a few of the finished items.

And just time for one last February workshop on Saturday with the theme of Penguins. I wasn't to know that it would be 20 degrees outside at the end of February when I did my planning!  There's still a few places left on Saturday - no limit to your age or experience.  It's all about getting your hands in the clay and letting your mind roam free.

Give me a call to secure a place - 06 30 89 85 36 - €8/pers for 1 hour

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